What do I want more?

It’s not that what I want is wrong.

    Pleasant circumstances
     A happy family
     Assurance and approval
sunny daysIt’s when I want these things more.

When I want my life to be easy more than I want the suffering of the Cross.
When I want things to go smoothly more than I want the Father to be glorified.

On the path towards the life resurrection of Easter, I must beware the deadly seduction of satisfying self. I must remind myself that wanting anything more than wanting Him is idolatry. He’s to be the one thing above all things.

All my sins arise from putting something else above him. Keeping the first commandment makes the rest fall into place.

I don’t have to stop delighting in pleasant circumstances, or a happy family, or assurance and approval. But they’re not the goal. The goal is to honor the Father as I live in Christ through His indwelling Spirit.

Jesus walked toward His goal, the joy set before Him (Hebrews 12:2), with unflinching certainty. It wasn’t easy or smooth. Its path included the Cross.

But He wanted to please the Father more than He wanted anything else.

Do I?

In my deepest places, when the way is hard and the path is rough?
What do I want more—the most—the very most?

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elizabeth said...

I am being convicted in this area. The idolatry of my wayward heart. The reality that I too seldom offer Him 100% wholehearted love. How easily I am distracted from Him. I am so thankful for grace and for the truth that even in the loving of Him, I need His help, and He gives it.

Angela said...

Wow, you touched on what I've been going through. The cross is not what we want is it? But the benefits of it we long for?

Yeah, I am one who gets distracted so easily, oh my, and I can become frustrated so fast. I'll keep striving and running my race even though...

Dianne said...

So much truth here. I think we all struggle with these very issues. Thanks, Lisa.


Tammy said...

I really identify with what you wrote. So often I put everything else ahead of my relationship with Christ. My heart should be so full of Him, yet I let so many other things come in and crowd Him out. Thank you for post...

Dorothy said...

Oh, Lisa, what a convicting reminder!

Angela said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I don't know about you,but I love them. They have sort of humbled me. When I first started blogging I thought they reflected the good and/or the bad of the post, which I thought reflected on my writing. Now, seven months later, I know that not to be true. However, I always take pleasure when someone likes something I've said. Thanks.

Laura said...

I know just what you mean.

What we really need is more of Him.

Thanks for the reminder! Love your posts.

Esther said...

I'm so good and staying busy with good things...avoiding the best, and I wonder what I'm afraid of.


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