Miniature world—Corner View

There’s a word for flowers within flowers. (I can’t remember it. Anybody?)

They say this is really a weed, I know. miniature flowersBut the closer I look at it, the more I see it’s one of those “flowers within flowers” that intrigue me. And it is blooming, after all, and even though it’s tiny, it is prolific. And I love it.

We all live in miniature worlds inside of the larger world. Worlds within the world. Right now my world is centered on role reversal with my mom. It feels very tiny and focused and limited in this season.  

But I know that my miniature world, tiny as it is, still has purpose, right where it is. Even though it may look like a weed from the outside. It is a life within The Life.

God takes my miniature world and combines it with all your miniature worlds to complete his great big powerful World.

So be prolific, even though you be tiny and weed-like. Bloom, bloom.

* * *

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Joyce said...

If this is a weed it is a beautiful one! xo

Francesca said...

I won't see weeds the same way again:)!

G said...

from what I could find out, there is no word for flower within a flower other than double-flower or double-bloom unless you mean some country phrase I haven't heard, but an interesting tie-in to your Wednesday Word effetely is the double-flowers are sterile

jane said...

words to live by:) happy weekend dear lisa.

Esther said...

this makes me many places i could put it..thank you!


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