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1. Twelve tips for reading more by Gretchen Rubin12 tips for reading more

Twelve great strategies from Gretchen Rubin on how to get more good reading done.

Like, 1. Quit reading. 4. Skim. 5. Get calm. 7. Always have something to read. 8. Maintain a big stack. 10. Read at whim!

2. Who do you imitate? The 1st century church or Christ?

From The Restoration of Discipleship by Brian Mashburn. Read it all here.

There is such a huge difference between a religion that seeks to help people imitate Jesus Christ in heart, character, priorities and mission and a religion that seeks to imitate the historical church's external worship practices, belief systems, gathering habits, life philosophies and superficial doctrines.

How simplicity is screwing you by Brett Kelly3. What is your quest for simplicity doing to you?

Is simplicity making you lazy? Do you admit defeat at a problem too quickly because it’s “hard”?

Read Brett Kelly’s take on “How Simplicity is Screwing You.”

4. Argue against anxiety

By Justin Taylor: 
1. God is near me to help me (Phil 4:5-6)
2. God cares for me (1 Peter 5:7)
3. My Father in heaven knowns all my needs and will supply all my needs (Matthew 6:31-33)

Read all 8 here.

5. Which preachers have influenced you the most?

Protestant pastors chose these as their top 10 influential living preachers.

billy-graham-most-influential1. Billy Graham
2. Charles Swindoll
3. Charles Stanley
4. Rick Warren
5. John MacArthur
6. Barbara Brown Taylor
7. David Jeremiah
8. Max Lucado
9. John Piper
10. Andy Stanley

Who would you add?

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Jenna said...

somehow I have this nagging feeling that #3 is directed toward me... :P

Lisa notes... said...

Not directed toward you at all. You're a very hard worker! Just look at how many bracelets you have already made.
Love you!


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