JANUARY 2010 Posts

Keep up with it—Friday’s Fave Five (1/29)
“Redemption Accomplished and Applied”—Book review (1/28)
Create open space (1/27)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (1/27)
What’s on your nightstand?—January (1/26)
Remember the benefits (1/25)
Curios—24 (1/24)
“Lose My Soul”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (1/23)
Odds and ends—Friday’s Fave Five (1/22)
Don’t be a wimpy Christian (1/21)
Open the bottle—honor the Father (1/20)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (1/20)
My wanna-be style—Corner View (1/19)
“The Language of Love and Respect”—Book review (1/19)
Strong or weak? Both (Romans 15) (1/18)
“Lift Us Up to Fall”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (1/16)
The unexpected—Friday’s Fave Five (1/15)
Perfect timing (1/14)
How he loves (1/13)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (1/13)
Holiday—Corner View (1/12)
Love him with everything (1/12)
You don’t have to eat it (Romans 14) (1/11)
Why I changed my mind—the Bible in a year (1/10
“Breathe in Me”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (1/9)
How to be compassionate—Friday’s Fave Five (1/8)
Made to praise (1/7)
How do you hear God? (1/6)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (1/6)
“Life of Pi”—Book review (1/5)
Are you a tree?—Psalm 1 (1/4)
Nooma video—“Breathe” by Rob Bell (1/3)
White Chocolate Party Mix—Recipe (1/2)
“I Know You’re There”—Then Sings My Soul Saturday (1/2)
New things—Friday’s Fave Five (1/1)


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