Holiday—Corner View

Corner View returns this week at Jane’s blog, Spain Daily. Visit for more interpretations of “Holiday” around the world.

Holidays for us are celebrations of togetherness. The gifts of family, of friendship, of fellowship. the goofy pic

Below is the traditional “original family” picture we take every year. It was extra-important to us to get the picture this Christmas since my dad has been so sick. the fam

But holidays are also ‘holy-days.’ Days set apart for remembering the Giver of those gifts of family, of friendship, of fellowship.

On New Year’s Day, we received a special visitor on the lake behind our house. I received his (her?) presence as a special sign of hope from the Father as a sweet blessing to start off our new year.swan2

The swan hung out with us for over a week, then flew off yesterday to bless someone else.

* * *


jane said...

you have a beautiful family. your smiles are contagious. warm wishes lisa.

Joyce said...

By the looks-everyone had a wonderful time. I hope your dad is feeling better. I look for those wonderful blessing too. Many hugs... xo

Bonnie said...

fun !!

ps ... those swans are beautiful !


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