Unexpected reading time (Nov 23 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 23 at 'Rebecca Writes' It was the means to an end.

I’m not always mature enough to be thankful for “the means.”

Today’s “means”? An ear infection.

It hit full-force yesterday, so I found myself sitting in the doctor’s office this morning at 7:30, partly due to a funny but thought-provoking tweet from Laurie last night:

“Nobody can make you go to the doctor. That's the beauty of being a grown up. You can have your earache and suffer all you want.”

I get it. Why suffer unnecessarily? Go to the doctor.

So sitting in the waiting room, I was given a gift:
unexpected time to read more of Chapter 2 in Charity and Its Fruits.

Then waiting in the room for the doctor gave me more time.

And waiting at the pharmacy gave me even more time.

God knows I still need lots more work to become a big fan of waiting, but I am thankful this morning that he helped me use this waiting time profitably. And I’m closer to reaching today’s “end” goal of finishing Chapter 2.

But my ultimate “end”? Giving glory to God.

The more I can learn to wait with patience, or endure pain without complaining, or give thanks no matter what, the more powerful God is shown to be. Because I sure can’t do any of that on my own.

He’s welcome to use whatever means he chooses to reach his end. And today I choose to thankful for that.


Debbie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your ear infection but pray that the antibiotics work quickly, especially with Thanksgiving soon upon us. Waiting can be difficult. That's why I always carry my kindle with me so I have something to read. But praying can also be time well spent.

Hugs to you,

Dorothy said...

I'm glad you got some extra reading time but I do hope your ear infection subsides soon!

Elle said...

Ouch on the ear infection. But I agree that the time God gave me while waiting for the back spasm to pass was used in sweet rest and reflection and meditation on God's word. He gives gifts in the most marvelous ways.


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