Less noise (Nov 24 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 24 at 'Rebecca Writes' Did you say something?

Sorry if I missed it. I still can’t hear.

Out of one ear anyway. At least one more day anyway.

I have the washing machine going, the dryer running, the dishwasher washing. But I’m not drowning in noise. At lunch, I could read my book easier, and now, I can think clearer without so many distracting noises.

With less noise, I concentrate better. Fewer sounds promote greater focus.

This ear infection is forcing it on me this time.

But I notice it at other times, too. Like, when a big enough problem, or a big enough joy, comes along, I’m better able to tune out minor noises around me.

Yet I don’t want to wait for a big enough problem to hear God’s voice clearer. I want God to be my big enough joy, all the time, to help me hone in on his voice and turn a deaf ear to vain sounds that compete for his attention.

For today, the radio isn’t as loud, the neighbor’s lawnmower is a whisper, and the dryer is a soft whir. It’s a good time to pray, to read the Word,…to listen.

And I’m thankful.


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