An Extra Push (Nov 2 - Thanks)

November of Thanks at 'Rebecca Writes' She is in big trouble.

I used to know her. Now I don’t.

At one time we partnered together in a church ministry. Like-minded friends serving side by side. It was my privilege to work with her, a blessing.

But somehow, something changed. Now she’s in a dark place, struggling, basically alone.

Although we were never super-close friends before, does that exempt me from at least attempting to be her friend again now? To give God a chance to let me be a flickering light in her darkness, at least for a moment?

I was convicted yesterday morning to do two things:
      # 1 This week, write her a note of friendship, of encouragement, of care.
      # 2 Next week, call her to talk and set up a lunch date.

Chances of a response from # 1?
About 2%

Chances of a response from # 2?
About 1%

But, chances that God cares if I follow through with my intentions anyway?
About 100%

He cares if I care or not. Didn’t I already admit I need to love others more? Love him more? Is this conviction from him one more opportunity to practice that?

Yes, God cares.

He won’t hold me responsible for my friend’s reactions, but he will hold me responsible for exercising my faith or not. Will I trust him in a situation that *I* think will be virtually fruitless? In a situation that scares me (what if she actually answers the phone next week and says “yes” to lunch???)? 

* * *

Last night, our small group leader left us with a challenge for the week: notice who has been missing from the church body, and send that person a note.

He didn’t know. He hadn’t heard my earlier conversation with God where I had committed to that very thing already.

But God knew. And I’m grateful for the confirmation. The extra push. I need it; he knows it; he provides it.

I thank God for extra pushes.


hip chick said...

God just loves to work like that in me. I never thought of it as an extra push before. But, that is exactly what it is...a confirmation of something that I already heard God say to me. God must know that I need a gentle nudge sometimes.

Debbie said...

Sometimes we need extra confirmation for some reason. But I can tell you that those little notes and cards mean much to someone who is going through struggles. It can be hard to put a smile on your face and go to church when you're crying inside. So, maybe she won't respond but just tell her you're thinking of her and miss her. I think sometimes people can give the impression that they are writing and scolding for not being present in church and that doesn't work. (BTW, not that I think you'd ever do that Lisa.)

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks for the extra words of wisdom. I want to be very careful with the words I will use with my friend, so I appreciate you adding your thoughts.

Hip Chick,
Yes, I love when God works like this, too. Sometimes I need gentle nudges; sometimes I need HUGE pushes. :-) He always knows which to give. I wish I were so wise with my own children...

Lisa writes... said...

Oooh, sometimes those extra pushes are hard because it means I have to humble myself and do what I don't really want to do! I'm glad for the Lord's faithfulness to discipline me His child and I'm glad for your word of testimony here!

Elle said...

This post served as my own extra push. Thank you.


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