Cleaning help (Nov 15 – Thanks)

I usually clean house on Thursdays, but since my daughter was coming home this weekend, I knew better. I waited until today.

She had friends come over to help her de-horse-poster her room yesterday. Years worth of going up came down in a few hours.

I’m happy for the clean slate (except that the walls needs painting now), but I’m melancholy to lose more traces of my once-little girl. posters

Jeff took down our rusted, metal swingset this weekend, too. Years worth of November of Thanks 15 at 'Rebecca Writes'playing and laughing, sharing and not sharing, all came down in an hour.

The backyard looks much better now (and is safer), but it’s also sad to remove that familiar vestige of childhood.

So I waited until today to clean house. I should have known better. But a week’s worth of mess disappeared in less than an hour because Jeff split the work with me.

The house is clean. And for that job, I feel nothing but thanks. Whew.

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Anonymous said...

I had a voicemail telling me about the baptism at your house! That is AWESOME!! JK (dad) called me this morning but no time to call him back. Tonight he called while I was otherwise occupied and left me a long voicemail - he clearly doesn't know that I'm not there at the moment. Will call him or TK tomorrow and let them know. I think 12:00 am is probably not a good time to call...
You and Jeff are great - look forward to spending time together when Karen and I get there for good.




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