Simple blessings – Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story Although I’m not consistent with it, I keep a Three Blessings” journal. A few days each week, I list three simple blessings, not repeating from previous days. It’s been quite easy to do.

I’m randomly pulling five entries from this week’s pages, and using them for today’s Friday’s Fave Five.

Check out more favorites from others at Susanne’s blog.

Thank you, Father, for these blessings:

three blessings journal 1. that Life Talk at Louise’s Sunday night was a time of phenomenal singing of praise

2. that we got to pray over Amber, strengthening her for helping others heal amidst the crisis at Richland High School

3. that Jeff and I went together to Ken McArthur’s visitation

4. that physical death brings relief from physical pain

5. that a younger sister asked to talk with me for relationship advice

* * *

Blessings don’t have to be big to be important. Finding God in the little things throughout my week is sometimes far more critical to my walk with God than searching for the rarer “huge” gifts.

Praying that you find many simple gifts sprinkled throughout your week!

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Carrie said...

And yet I would say that all of those little blessings that you mentioned are quite BIG in actuality! Each one has some deep meaning attached to it and I'm glad to hear you were blessed to experience each of these thoughts or moments.

Have a great weekend!

Susanne said...

I'm totally with you on finding God in the little things during the week. Sometimes we are so intent on looking for huge, major blessings all the time we miss all the little things that God is sending our way. Loved your post.

Jewel said...

Journaling is a spiritual discipline that I was more faithful in. I go through phases, and it's awesome times of growth when I'm journaling. So.. thanks for the reminder and the challenge.

And thanks for the encouragement about my Khmer! It's hard. So so so hard!

Jerralea said...

I like the Three Blessings Journal idea! I want to give it a try.

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

That thumbs up pictures cracks me up! :)

You are so right, the little blessings are really such a part of our walk with shows His faithfulness.
Thanks for the reminder, sounds like a busy week, but God's care/provision has been with you!

ellen b. said...

It is so good to be thankful for what God has done and who He is. Good to keep our eyes open. Have a great weekend...

Brenda said...

It sounds like you find a lot of joy in being a blessing to others. I love this opportunity to weekly express the blessings in our lives.

Willow said...

I like the idea of the three blessings journal! Enjoy your weekend.

Kari said...

Those are great favorites. Small but big!
I might try this three blessings idea.
That is so true that we often only want to see or look for God in the big things because He is a big God but I think it's the little things that he is so much more interested in when it comes to our lives. Things that He is so in control of.

Happy weekend.

Barbara H. said...

Amen about finding the little blessings --such a reminder that He cares for us so much as to bless us in little everyday ways.


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