white – Corner View

For more worldwide views of “white,” visit Jane at Spain Daily.

* * *white_is_cotton

Empty.     Blank.      Ready.  

White page * * *


Contrast.     Purity.     Strength. white on flag











* * *


Alive.     Useful.     Beauty. 

white cotton

  * * *

white_is_baptism Spotless.     Innocent.     Clean. 

white in baptism


Jenna said...

I love how you did this. Very creative!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

This is a GREAT perspective! I love how you did this...so creative and insighful. :)

Bonnie said...

Very very creative ! I love it too !!

Ian said...

Nice angles and perspectives.

Kari said...

great post. Very creative.

jane said...

beautiful lisa! thanks!

Dorte said...

Beautiful words - very creative!

likeschocolate said...


la ninja said...

indeed. all those and more.

liza said...

I love the blank canvas aspect of white, pure and ready for all good things! Thank you, Lisa.

Cherry B said...

Indeed! What a great perspective yours is-- thankyou :)



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