Funerals - Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five I’m not saying I love funerals.

But there are things surrounding funerals that I do appreciate. Yesterday, my husband and I went to the funeral of his 87-yr-old Uncle Holmes who had been sick for some time.

Here are five blessings I found there. (For more blessings that others have experienced this week, check out the links on Susanne’s blog.)

1. Gratitude
When someone dies that was loved, you hear a lot of gratitude spoken. Uncle Holmes had been an ag teacher in Mississippi back in his day, so we heard stories from students of long ago about FFA trips and projects built together.

2. Family
Aren’t funerals great about bringing family together? Jeff saw some relatives he hadn’t seen in 35-40 years. I enjoyed getting to know several that I had only seen a few times. I’ve pieced together a little more of the family tree. Family reunions are a huge benefit of funerals.

3. Faith
The reverend who preached the funeral shared Psalm 139, one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. Faith in Jesus provides much comfort and security when faced with the mortality of others, which usually leads to thoughts of our own mortality. Hold on to Jesus.

4. Hope
Hope sustains. I’m not sure how people get through the pain of loss from death without the hope that they’ll see their loved one again. Because I know there is life after death, there are many sweet reunions that I’m looking forward to in heaven.

5. Love
But the greatest of these is love. Aunt Nancy was married to Uncle Holmes for almost 68 years. Wow. I never saw one without the other. I can’t imagine the loss she must feel today, but neither can I imagine the love that she carries with her. That’s a long time to love and be loved by one man. What a blessing!

granddaughters 2006


Willow said...

You have said this so well, Lisa. I agree that funerals aren't necessarily fun times, but gratitude, family, faith, hope and love are the best parts of life and death. I'm glad you experienced them all.

Brenda said...

I love that picture! I think I even know who those people are!! :-) I felt alot of those same things when I was at my grandpa's funeral a few months ago... especially the part about seeing and enjoying family.

Marg said...

Lisa, you are a teacher of God. Wow! I learn so much from you. I also shared a funeral this week with a young 40 year old killed in a work accident, leaving 3 young children and a wife.
But all those 5 highlights could be said of him, except that he is much younger. Then a funeral can be a blessing.

Karyn said...

great photo!

You have stated well the blessings of a funeral. Especially when it is the home going of a saint who has had a well lived life.

I, too, look forward to that day of reunion! As well as the opportunity to get to know my brothers and sisters who I will never get to meet here on earth.

See ya there!

Brenda said...

Its wonderful when funerals don't have to be overwhelmingly sad events. Thanks for reminding us of all these truths.

Kari said...

Your list of five are so true. There is always sadness at funerals but there is also much to be celebrated.

Barbara H. said...

These are so true. I hated the thought of funerals until I went to one. The message, the mutual sorrow, comforting, and even laughter among those attending, the thoughts on the reality of heaven are all blessings of funerals.

Sandy said...

Funerals can definitely be sad times, but there is also so much love in the atmosphere. I went to a funeral the other day, hugged lots of people I hadn't seen in awhile, and got choked up listening to "Blessed Assurance" (brought back memories of Daddy leading that song quite often when I was a child/young adult) I appreciate all the blessings you listed, Lisa.... I so agree with you. That picture is also very touching!

Jientje said...

Very true. Your Uncle Holmes must have been a great man. This post touched my heart.


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