John 19

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19a. Have you thought about what kind of funeral you would like?

19b. How would you explain to someone the need for the crucifixion?

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What's happening in John 19?
vv 1-16 Jesus sentenced to be crucified
vv 17-27 The crucifixion
vv 28-30 The death of Jesus
vv 31-37 Jesus' side is pierced
vv 38-42 The burial of Jesus


Jeff said...

19a. Definitely a celebration instead of a sad time.

19b. I think it was a means of punishment at that time.

Lisa notes... said...

Sometimes I’ll notice a song and think “That would make a great funeral song for me!” But I’m not keeping a list. I’m not planning my own funeral. I’ll leave it up to whatever those around me want it to be. I won’t care since I’ll be gone; it’ll be for them, not me.

However, I do think it is very meaningful when people have planned out their own funerals.

Being crucified was a punishment for the worst criminals, and being hung on a “tree” was viewed as a curse by the Jews. So the perfect substitute (Jesus) made the ultimate sacrifice in the worst way, to cover everybody that wants his deliverance, throughout all time.

Lynn said...

19a. I have written out my thoughts regarding my funeral and it is with my will. However, there are some things I would now like to change. I am in a different church and I have changed my mind on some things. Mostly I've asked that God's faithfulness to me be glorified. I have no family that would really know the importance of what is important to me and so this seemed as important as writing out a plan for an earthly "will" regarding things - more important actually.

19b. Man turned from God and the only means of reconciliation was a pure sacrifice to atone for man's sin. The most torturous means was needed so man would know the cost being paid for his eternal freedom. A pure and sinless Lamb could only come from God the Father's pure love and his Son's total obedience to empty himself and become incarnate so that the sacrifice could be completed "in time" and for eternity.


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