Good news/Bad news – Friday’s Fave Five

friday's fave fiveThere’s good news and bad news. Which do you want first?

Me? I want the bad news first. Get it over with. You?

My daily Bible reading the past few months has me hanging out in the Gospels—the ultimate Good News about Jesus. Once I accept the bad news about my destructive self-centered ways, the good news great news is that Jesus rescues me from having to stay there! 

My Friday’s Fave Five this week are more bad news/good news combos. For others’ Friday’s Fave Five, visit Susanne’s site at Living to Tell the Story. f.f.f.

1. 10 years with April
Bad news
: My 10-yr-old golden retriever died on Saturday. I’ll miss her terribly. She was a great dog.

Good news: But I got to spend time petting her Saturday morning, not knowing she would die that afternoon. Instead I was fretting about what to do, whether or not to have her put down. I’m glad we didn’t have to make that call after all.

2. 10 days with Morgan
Bad news
: My daughter went back to Auburn on Sunday.

Good news: But we got to spend 10 days together prior to that. It’s been a year since we’ve done that.

3. A long summer break
Bad news
: This is our last week of summer break. We start homeschooling again on Monday.

Good news: But I’m thankful for the very long break (almost 4 months) we had. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

4. A sweet baby
Bad news
: There hasn’t been a baby born into our family since my own, over 14 years ago.

Good news: But my cousin’s wife had a baby this spring, and I got to babysit her again on Tuesday. She’s an angel.

5. A new schedule
Bad news
: I’ve been feeling harried and distracted and overbooked the past several weeks. My calendar has been a blur.

Good news: But I revamped my Outlook Master Calendar last weekend and found there really is time for all the “important” things I think I need to do. I had to remind myself once again that: God always gives me enough time to do the things that HE wants me to do, and those things are the most meaningful and satisfying anyway.

That’s good news to me!


Susanne said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss of your beloved pet. I'm glad you were able spend time loving on her.

Your daughter is beautiful. Time with our grown children is so precious isn't it, once they've moved away.

Yay, for new babies!

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. Sniff Sniff. Dogs are truly a part of the family aren't they?
Love the pic of you and your daughter, I bet you were glad to have her home. :)
I am enjoying your blog btw. :)

proudgrits11 said...

I love your list!! That's a lot of good news!!! Summer is a wonderful time to slow down and enjoy life and relationships. I'm excited about sarting preschool with my son soon, I bet you're looking forward to getting back into the swing of it, too. I'm re-working my calendar as well!! You're so right--God equips us to do HIS work! I just get easily distracted! :)

Marg said...

Thanks for sharing the good and bad. How true...Many times we can only see the blessings later.

Brook said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. Was she sick?

Spending time with your daughter is wonderful! Thankfully my mom gets one more week of vacation than my dad does and she comes down and spends it with us. I really enjoy that time each year. :)

I have never seen an calendar like that. You are so organized with your time!

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, everyone, for condolences about my sweet dog. I'm missing her even more than I thought I would. She wasn't sick per se, but I knew intuitively the past few months that something was wrong, even though the vet never could find anything abnormal. At least she's no longer hurting.

Brenda said...

Sorry to hear about your dog, but I'm glad you had 10 years with him. Nice that you had all that time with your daughter, those are special moments.

shopannies said...

sometimes God makes decisions for us when he knows how difficult they would be like in #1

Jerralea said...

I love the way you did your post! I always try to focus on the good news -- it's there if I just look for it.

Glad you've enjoyed your summer. I love routine so the fall is always a good time for me - to get back into the swing of things.

Islandsparrow said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dog. what a beautiful golden. we had a golden many years ago and we had to put her down. It's always hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet.

Glad you had a good time with your girl - and how sweet to have a new baby in the family.

Happy weekend!

Kari said...

What a cool take on FFF. I also love that in all the bad you were able to see the positive side to it. Great attitude!
I'm sorry to hear about your beloved pet, I'm sure you have some great memories. I love how your calender looks - so colorful. I also agree with you totally about having the time and strength to do what is important.
Enjoyed your list.
Be blessed this week


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