Corner view: Place of reflection

I love this week’s theme from Spain Daily. Visit more places of reflection from the comfort of her blog.

My favorite places to reflect and pray are outside. You just can’t beat God’s original design of sights and smells and sounds to put life back into perspective. Simple spaces, lots of breathing room, open air.

This swing was the first thing we moved from our old house when we bought our lot. So even before the new house was built, we would come sit and imagine how things would eventually look. Now I sit here and pray and think and read and listen.view_lake 

When you don’t want to be found, you come to this swing under the deck. It’s usually the last place anyone will look for you. It’s quiet and shaded, but often already occupied (by spiders).


While good conversations among many may happen here on the front porch, it’s also a great place for a quiet afternoon alone, especially in the spring or fall. I stack up my books and Diet Dr. Pepper and enter other worlds.


There’s just something inviting about swings, huh? I think I like them an awful lot.

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Bonnie said...

lovely ! i think i could relax and reflect in any of those places !! :)


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