Beach - Friday’s Fave Five

friday's fave five Since our family was at Panama City Beach earlier this week, my Friday’s Fave Five are beach favorites. Check out more here from Susanne’s site. 

1. Reader’s Digest
My mama always subscribed. When I moved out, she subscribed for me. But I can’t keep on top of reading them. So every year at the beach I take a huge stack and we get caught up. More or less. For days afterwards, we’re all “experts” and quote, “Well, I read in Reader’s Digest that...” readers digest

2. Dominoes
Jenna stirs up a game of Dominoes when we come in for lunch after a morning on the beach. She wasn’t thrilled that we only played twice on this trip. We’ll have to schedule a game night soon and actually play at home. dominoes

3. Postcards
Our family tradition is to write ourselves a postcard on the last night of our trip. We each jot down some highlights, then mail it from the hotel. After we receive it at home, I put it with our photos.  postcard

4. Beach decor
I love the pastels and cutesy decorations in the Florida condos. beach_decor

5. Everybody together
But my very favorite thing was having fun with our whole family together again!

family funasleep


hip chick said...

We take a family vacation on a lake in Vermont every year. It's so much fun. I meant to bring our Dominoes up there but forgot them.

Rebecca said...

We play dominoes and read Reader's Digest at the beach too. Glad you had a good week.

Islandsparrow said...

We have dominoes but it's been so long since I had a game - I don't even think I can remember how to play.
Having the whole family together is the best! I"m going to have them all home in Sept for our youngest son's wedding. I can hardly wait!

Brenda said...

That post card traditio sounds like a fun one. We like to play dominos too

Willow said...

Our family plays Scrabble. And reads. And the girls knit.

Your beach vacation sounds great!

Susanne said...

Your beach vacation sounds wonderful. Family, games, reading. What could be better? Cool tradition you have with the postcards.

Sandy said...

I love the postcard idea! Fun times. And yes I am sure you loved having everyone together. :)
Sounds great!


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