Corner view - Staples

This week’s corner view: food staples. Visit Spain Daily to see staples around the world.

I admit that what I’m including would not sustain a body; I couldn’t live only on this stuff. 

However, I’m glad I don’t have to live without it. I eat these things a lot. God goes above and beyond giving me the basics. And in moderation, they sure are good.

I have to guard my heart to not idolize food—when I choose to fast, it’s often from these very same favorites.

So food, as in many other great things God made for us, gives us opportunities to feast not only on the gift, but to worship the Giver of the gift.

1. Flour
biscuits and cookiesIt’s the only real staple here. I use it consistently for baking homemade biscuits like my good southern mama taught me. She made them fresh every morning; I make a batch to last a few days.

And of course, where would chocolate chip cookies be without flour?

2. Pancakes    
Jeff cooks pancakes and bacon every Sunday morning while we women get ready for church. A nice treat! (And a smart idea on his part to ensure we make it to church on time.) pancakes

3. Microwave popcorn
My dad grew popcorn in our garden when I was a child and I still remember shucking it off the cob. He would like to "pop some corn" after supper the old-fashioned way--in a pot on the stove.

After church on Wednesday nights, he and my mom would pop lots of popcorn for the teenagers and young marrieds to hang out at our house (before everybody had children they had to get to bed). So I still occasionally microwave a bag myself after church on Wednesday nights (and many other nights). Old habits die hard.


4. Kraft Caramels
There's no substitute for a Kraft Caramel to satisfy a sweet tooth. And they travel well in your purse, too.caramel

5. Diet Dr. Pepper
So this isn't a staple either, but I usually have my one-a-day to keep me satisfied. Definitely not a necessity, but a nice little treat. Maybe you can relate? diet dr pepper

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jane said...

i haven´t had dr pepper in years. i used to LOVE it. thanks lisa!


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