What's around your neck? (Day 3, Proverbs)

Proverbs 3:22
"And they [sound wisdom and discretion] will be life for your soul and adornment for your neck."

I’m not a jewelry person.

But wisdom as “adornment for my neck” sounds appealing today. As of yesterday, my neck has been hurting. Just sympathy pains, mind you. Since Wednesday afternoon, my next-door-neighbor is lying in a hospital bed because of a tear in an aorta in his neck and a possible mini-stroke. (And he’s younger than me. Pray for him.)

I see how “sound wisdom and discretion” (verse 21) can be “life for your soul.” They advise you to make right choices that lead to a life of morality. I also view Jesus as wisdom personified, and Jesus is the ultimate life for our souls. Got it.

But why is wisdom called “adornment for your neck?” The Hebrew word for “adornment” here is rooted in graciousness, kindness, beauty. The pure grace of wisdom is definitely lovely to look upon. Who doesn’t admire the sage saint who dispels wisdom when he replies to simple or complex questions?

So I’ll accept the poetic allusions for what they are. [Where is Mrs. Gonzalez from 12th grade English when I need her?] And equate beautifully spoken words of wisdom as metaphorically creating a beautifully, sculptured neckline.

And keep praying for Randy's neck, the beautiful passageway between the head and the heart...

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Lisa notes... said...

Update on Randy:
He's basically returned to his normal life, but still has some lingering aftereffects that he frequently has to deal with. Including the tear that still hasn't healed...


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