Let's read together—“The Cross He Bore”

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The Book:
I don’t typically recommend a book I haven’t read myself. But I’m trusting Tim Challies’ word that The Cross He Bore: Meditations on the Sufferings of the Redeemer by Frederick S. Leahy is a worthy one.

The Goal:
Read one (very short) chapter a day, beginning Sunday, March 29, and ending on Good Friday, April 10.

The Chapters:
1. Man of Sorrows
2. Prayerful Submission
3. Strengthened to Suffer
4. Satan’s Hour
5. The Dumb Lamb
6. Taking the Oath
7. Sentenced to Death
8. The Butt of Mockery
9. The Crown of Thorns
10. Outside the Gates
11. Satan’s Cup Refused
12. The King Among Bandits
13. Outer Darkness

The Foreword:
Edward Donnelly says this,
We are too apt to hurry past the cross, to undervalue, in spite of ourselves, the supreme mystery of the ages by a shallow assumption that we know it all. [Um, that hurts—I think he’s talking about me.] We don’t and never will. But we need to take time to learn as much as we can. We need to ‘behold’, to ‘survey’, to ‘stand and stare’.
The Reading Group:
If you want to “stand and stare” together, Tim is hosting a group of readers on his blog, posting daily on each chapter. I hope to post my thoughts here daily as well. You have time to get a copy and read along ($3.75 at Monergism Books, or $5.75 at Amazon). If so, I hope you, too, will share your thoughts here or somewhere. At least share in communion with the Father, most importantly.

The Introduction:
I’m trying not to read ahead. I want to keep it fresh for the appropriate time. I’ve only allowed myself to read the Foreword and the Introduction. So far, so good. The last statement of this paragraph in the introduction surely convicts me. You?
It is not my intention in these brief chapters to give a detailed account of the trial and crucifixion of our Lord. That is done in the Gospels infinitely better than by any mere man or woman. Rather, I have selected certain passages which help us to meditate on what the Saviour endured for our salvation. If our meditation on the cross be meagre, can our love for the Saviour be great?


Socorro Alaniz said...

where do I sign up for this book club?

Lisa said...

Go to this link below to sign up, and I'll also put a button on the front page of my blog later today for signing up:



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