Fruitful Laziness

Do you ever feel like you wasted a day? But in retrospect, you realize it was a marvelously fruitful day instead?

I decided, ahead of time, that I would not feel guilty today if I didn't work my "to do" list. I reprioritized so I'd hit the most important things before 10 a.m., then shoved everything else into tomorrow (and I'll realign again then).

Part of my Lent subtraction/addition is to be more aware of God in the "now" and that means being totally flexible to adapt to his plans, and lay aside my own if they conflict.

In the big picture, his plan for me includes being the best wife that I can be to my husband. So working on a strong marriage is one of the great opportunities I've been given to demonstrate to the world the way Christ loves his church and his church loves him.

Working that plan today meant doing nothing, just hanging out with my husband, which is how he feels very loved. And I feel very loved in return. All unscheduled, on a weekday.

It felt indulgently luxurious. And right. And very "now."

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Deanna said...

That sounds so lovely! :) I did the same thing with my kids yesterday, just played the day away and left my 'work' aside for the day. While they are little I'm really REALLY trying to remember that making time for them is much more important than a sparkling clean house and all my other interests.


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