What was your first car?

Do you remember your first car? And if you’re a man, are the odds exponentially higher that you remember?

My first car was a brown Honda Civic—don’t remember the year, but I remember it had NO A/C. What was I thinking? I obviously didn’t mind showing up at Intergraph every day as The Sweaty Accountant. It meant so much to me
that...I can’t even find a picture of it now. I think I once had one somewhere...

For my husband, it’s different. We’ve got documentation. We’ve got photos. We’ve got stories. For each vehicle. Each was special.

So that explains tonight.

Tonight, we’re selling our truck to a 16-yr-old young man who has been saving his money to buy his first vehicle. This is a major milestone in his life.
Jeff is so excited about it that he cut him a better deal than normal. Even my neighbor wanted in on this one: he borrowed the truck himself to get it super clean for this nice young man.

All the men realize what a big deal this is.

And okay, I’m catching the fever, too. He’ll be here in a few minutes, and I get to be the one to hand over the keys. It’ll be fun.

But I’ll miss the truck. For a little while anyway. I do get attached. But, hey, easy come, easy go.

So best of luck to the young man buying our truck.
I hope you take lots of pictures.

My Second Car (maybe 1987?)

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Jeff said...

Oh my it is a 87 Sentra! What a beauty! and the car looks good too. I even have a picture of your first car.
You are correct, I am sure I could name every car/truck I have had since I was 15. Just always wish for some of them back again after they are sold.


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