Curios - 8

1. Is complaining the same thing as being angry? See what you think about this connection.

“I bet I know why we don’t ask bigger things of God. It’s because we’re afraid He won’t do them, and then we will be ashamed. It isn’t modesty; it’s unbelief.”

Ouch. Read and reflect
on “Impossible Requests” by one of my favorite writers at World magazine, Andrée Seu.

3. Who answers “yes” to: “Is religion an important part of your daily life?” Is the Bible Belt a myth or reality?

4. Hey, worship bands! List
en up: Five reasons to lower the volume.

5. Everybody loves baby pictures, right? But I didn’t think to take any of my baby who never came home with me. I thank God someone else did.

Here’s an incredible ministry of volunteer photographers making memories for families.


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