Does God change his mind?

Can I convince God to change His mind?

When I pray, whose mind am I hoping to change? God’s? Or my own? Am I trying to sell Him on my good plan, or am I trying to convince myself to buy into His? Do I really think that I could come up with a better plan than His anyway? Unfortunately, sometimes I do think so. Even though I know how ridiculously stupid that is.

Scot McKnight published the following quote from Peter Kreeft on Scot’s blog Jesus Creed:

“But we cannot change God, can we? No, we cannot. But is that why we pray? To change omniscient Love?”

“Isn’t it [our reason for praying] rather to learn what it [God’s love] is and to fulfill it? Not to change it by our acts, but to change our acts by it.”

No, I do not want to change “omniscient Love”. So, Lord, as I pray, help me get on board more and more with Your program. Change me. And I thank You for being Unchangeable.


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