What's your Olympic event?

I'm so enjoying watching the close races and the amazing feats and the intricate teamwork in Beijing 2008. And beaming with pride when we get the gold. ["We" being figurative--I include myself only because I live in America, not because I've put in the sweat and years of training.]

So then I look at myself and feel a little fat and a lot lazy in comparison. But the article from "Desiring God" blog this morning makes me rethink it. It's worth checking out.

2 Kinds of Outdoing
by Sam Crabtree

"...Years of sweaty workouts, aching muscles, burning lungs, painful bruises, and bleeding calluses will see them in a breathless puddle of exhaustion and perhaps tears, the well-known agony of defeat.

When it comes to outdoing others, are national pride and personal ambition the only motivations?" (read more...)


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