Offending God

15:26 "He [Israel's King Nadab] did what was evil in the sight of the LORD and walked in the way [road] of his father [King Jeroboam], and in his sin [offense] which he made Israel to sin."

Nadab, before the very eyes of Yahweh, did bad and traveled his father's path, offending God and causing his citizens to miss the mark, too.

I am clearly in the sight of the Lord--he sees me because he is with me, yet too often I offend him in the name of retribution or laziness or ego protection or comfort. And who else do I bring down with me even in my own household? Lord--forgive me and help me!

16:31 King Ahab of Israel did evil..."And as if it had been a light thing [to be or make light, easy, trifling] for him to walk in the sins [offenses] of Jeroboam..., he took for his wife Jezebel..., and went [walked] and served [work, serve, till] Baal and worshiped [prostrate] him."

Like it was no big deal, Ahab spit in God's face, turned his back away from him, and fell on his face to another. Sometimes I wish I could actually see such a physical representation as that when I do it. Because, honestly, I can't imagine ever doing it! And maybe I don't do it to that defiant extent, but I do put other things before God more often than I want to know about, and if I could actually see it, would it scare the sin out of me? (Maybe for the moment...)

17:22 "And the LORD listened [to hear intelligently] to the voice [call aloud] of Elijah. And the life of the child came into him again, and he revived."

The Lord is no respecter of persons. He listened to Elijah; he listens to me. Both a comforting thought and a terrifying thought because what am I saying that he is so attentively and intelligently hearing? One thing is--"I praise you, Lord, for being the best listener in the world!"

I offend you; you see it. I place other things between you and me (worries, pleasures, pride), yet you listen to me. Because of Christ's blood. Because of your love. You cleanse me and then do NOT see those horrible things. What a blessing to be a child of The Good King!


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