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About me


The goal
  • To encourage you to keep believing in Jesus
  • To strengthen your faith through the Word
  • To delight with you in God’s grace
  • To glorify the Father above all else
The backgroundmy family dec 10From birth I heard the stories about Jesus. And believed.
But in adulthood I began to know Jesus. I tapped into His grace.
And the stories came to life. They live still. That’s what I share.
My husband Jeff and two daughters help make Jesus more tangible to me. In my attempts to love them, I see how much more I need to grow.

Inside the blog

Finding Jesus in our everyday lives of...

   People and Relationships
  • Marriage. Marriage can be the best and often the hardest of human relationships. It’s a great place to receive and give grace.
  • Parenting. My baby girl is in college, my oldest daughter is married, and my middle daughter—Kali—is very much alive in heaven.
  • Homeschooling. I left accounting for motherhood, and homeschooled for 18 years. Who knew there was so much left to learn?
  • Church. I believe in close ties with a church family. Like with a biological family, it brings its own set of rewards and challenges. 
  • Death. Losing both my parents in 2010 to cancer and Alzheimer’s was tough. But God showed up in surprising ways.
   Words and Music
  • Bible. It’s home base to learn about Jesus. 
  • Memorization. The discipline of memorizing scripture is tough for me, but worth it.
  • Prayer. Don’t we all seek improvement here? I do.
  • Reading. It’s a passion. I post my monthly reading list and book reviews.
  • Blogging. Writing and publishing our thoughts to the world need prayerful consideration. I share links to helpful hints.
  • Music. Songs speak to my soul. On many Saturdays I post a favorite song of the week.
Called by His name,
Created for His glory,
Formed to declare His praise.
~ Isaiah 43:7, 21
* * *
What about you?
I love hearing your stories.
Please share.


Shelley said...

I first started to blog as a result of my husband and I having to resign from a church we pastored. It was devastating and we were so far from home as in family and friends - we were on one side of Canada while our closest friends were on the other and my family were in England. So as a way to walk through my grief and to try to see the Lord in such a dark time I started Stones of Remembrance. That was three years ago. Since that time the Lord has done amazing things and has moved us back 'home'. As a result we now pastor a brand new church plant - so now I blog with my home church girls in mind who subscribe to the blog - but also for anybody who care to read for a while.

Thanks for asking :)

Lisa notes... said...

Sounds like the Lord has really used you and blogging to help you heal as well as keep you connected with friends who are important to you.

I love hearing stories of how and why people get involved with blogging. Although they all are different in the details, we also share many similarities.

Processing and writing about what we see the Lord doing in our lives makes us love him even more, and hopefully is spreading his glory to all who read of his acts.

Blessings to you on your journey!

FancyHorse said...

I found you by way of Charlotte's Weblog, in which you left a comment. What part of Alabama are you from? I am from Mobile, lived in Birmingham 34 years, where we reared our sons, and have come back south to Daphne, to be closer to my aging mother.

I don't blog very frequently, but I read the ones I follow. I'll start following yours. You are very wise and inspiring!


Lisa notes... said...

Nice to meet you, Nancy. Thanks for leaving encouragement here.

I have lived in north Alabama all my life, but have traveled through Birmingham umpteen times; perhaps our paths have crossed somewhere in time? ;-)

I admire you for moving closer to care for your mom. You are obviously honoring her.

Many blessings to you, new friend! said...

HI -- We think your blog offers something special for readers and we have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. If you would like to accept, please visit Longings End for details. God bless you always!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, The story of the woman with the issue of blood has inspired me from a young age. Now at the age of (51) I was doing some research on the story and was inspired to write a poem for my friends fighting cancer. I came across your blog as well and appreciated your perspective too.

Press through,
Don't let anything prevent you.
Press through,
Through your weakness and your pain.
Press through,
And the moment that you touch HIm,
You will never be the same.
Jesus' love is going to lift you up again.

You may share this any way you desire.

Lisa notes... said...

Your poem is beautiful. I pray it blesses your friends. Thank you for sharing it here, too.

A Comeback said...

Thank you Lisa or this very inspirational blog here. I really enjoy reading your content. Outside the regular product reviews I love, like this one on smart home radar, and another from spriee my next favorite spot is here.

Thank you for the good work you are doing with this blog.


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