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Today in December ‘12

god-is-in-the-mangerI am hearing...God Is in the Manger by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the free audiobook of the month (and Advent book) at

I am wondering...what one word God would have me settle on for 2013

I am may be simply (yet fully) “Jesus” Hiding-His-Word-in-My-Heart

I am preparing...the next Bible memory challenge for January 2013 with these marvelous friends through Do Not Depart

I am thankful...Jenna is coming home Friday for a long Christmas break from Auburn

In the learning room...looking less and less like one as I continue to take away homeschooling books and fill in with my personal favorites instead


I am girls and I have a few favorite schoolbooks we still want to keep for sentimental reasons

I am appreciating...that a little bit each day can really add up in finishing a project Finding-the-Word

I am studying...scriptures that would make good gifts to post in this series at Do Not Depart

I am be nice in a return letter to a very elderly relative who can be, well,...I better not say (it wouldn’t be nice, right?)

I am wearing...raggedy clothes that don’t leave the house (you really don’t want to know)live-second

I am writing...four personal stories to share for next week’s Live Second blog tour

I am Books-a-Million tonight to meet with my Bible study friends

I am praying...for wise decisions to be made by a friend and for a friend

I am looking forward to...receiving this package of ornaments I ordered on Monday:Adorenaments

I am sending...(or will be soon) Christmas cards I found with one of my very favorite verses! 
     For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8christmas-card-sample

I am annual list of favorite books I read this year Fall-into-Reading-2012

I am finish the last four books on my Fall Reading List before fall is over

I am reading...these most excellent (!) books, Renovation of the Heart (Dallas Willard) and The Good and Beautiful God (James Bryan Smith)


I am pondering these words...

In the end, legalism is superstition....We are drawn to superstitious and legalistic behaviors because they provide a sense of control in an otherwise chaotic world. But God’s favor is not earned by what we do any more than good luck is found in a rabbit’s foot.
- JAMES BRYAN SMITH, The Good and Beautiful God

A picture to share...Jeff and I goofing around with Morgan in the strangely-popular elbows-out pose (do we look thinner that way?)


* * *

What are you doing today?

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