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Until God is finished

Sometimes God tells you, “Move along now.”
Other times, “Stay where you are awhile.”

And yet other times, he says, “Go back to this.”

Violet and I go back a few years. We were part of the same church for over a decade. We were friends enough, just like she was with several people (except Kim; count Kim as a super-friend and champion for Violet, but that’s another story).

But after awhile Violet stopped going there. I switched, too.
And that was that.

Until now.

God has me running into Violet again. She pops in periodically where I volunteer and we hug and chat and catch up.

Last Saturday we both showed up at Outdoor Church. She wished me a happy birthday—she’d remembered it was last Sunday, and Jeff’s the week prior to that. As always she asked about Morgan, about Jenna.

Together we listened to a guy give his testimony. About drugs. Alcohol. Jail. And how he threw away a Bible when someone gave it to him.

But it showed up again months later—the exact same Bible, he claims—while he was in jail in another town.

And this time he kept it.
   And read it.
      And Jesus changed him.

The story hits home. I wouldn’t say I threw Violet away months ago (or ever, I hope), but now that she’s shown up again in my life, I hope to notice more. To be open more. And to be changed by Jesus more.

Maybe God still has things he wants me to see through the person and presence of Violet.

Because sometimes one time around isn’t enough.

God sends us back through for more lessons, more opportunities, more transformation.

So I had someone snap this picture of Violet and me on Saturday. I’ll get it printed for her and stick it in my glove compartment for when I see her. Next time.

Because until God says, “We’re done here,” I hope to keep hanging around.


* * *

Does God use the recurring presence of someone in your life to teach you lessons, too?


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