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Five little babies…in the beginning

It’s about the babies this week.
Some good stuff. Some hard stuff. All God stuff. 

Each child has a story already. Pray for each as you see fit.

1. Family baby

My niece Amanda and her husband Andrew made it Facebook official this week, so I can spread the news too that she’s pregnant! There are more arms than babies in our extended family, so we’re all eager for Alexander to get a cousin this August. And for us aunts to get another great-niece or nephew.

2. Michael Shust

Daniel holding MichaelThe music of Aaron Shust (“To God Alone”, “Breathe in Me”) has blessed me for several years. With the birth of his third child last Friday—a sweet little boy surprising them with Down Syndrome—I’ve got a hunch his upcoming songs will be filled with even richer lyrics.

From Michael’s 5-yr-old brother, reporting to his class:

“My name is Daniel, I have a brand new brother. His name is Michael Aaron Shust. He is 5 years old (he meant days) and weighs 5 pounds. He has Down Syndrome which means he will smile a lot, laugh a lot, share his toys very easily and give lots of hugs. It also means his heart is very sick and will need surgery to fix it. He is my brother and I love him and I can't wait for him to come home.”

lillie3. Lillie

My little baby friend Lillie and her beautiful mom Amber—spared last Sunday in a car wreck. Thank God.

4. Aselya’s son

Whisked away to heaven so soon on Wednesday.
Read more here.


5. Homeless babies

I don’t know these babies, but I know they exist. And that they’re important. We’re taking our teen girls’ class to our local homeless shelter this Sunday to drop off baby gifts (one baby is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit right now). The gifts will be distributed as needed.

* * *

Have any little ones impacted your world this week?


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