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Women in Ministry

Women-in-Ministry-SeriesSome people just sympathize; others sympathize and do.

Ed does.

Ed Cyzewski looked around him and saw inconsistencies in opportunities for women in ministry. So he questioned and studied and learned.

And now he’s doing.

Since January 13, he’s opened up his blog—In a Mirror Dimly—to a female voice each Friday. Not for debate, but for stories. 

I’m not sure why he asked me to contribute, but today I do. I hope it will encourage you to do what I’m doing: pray.

                Read it here

(And as you visit, remember Ed’s request to play nice. That makes me happy.)

* * *


Divided-We-Unite_by_Ed-CyzewskiAnd while I’m talking about Ed, I want to plug (unsolicited) his latest eBook, Divided We Unite: Practical Christian Unity, because when I read it in January, I didn’t know how beneficial it would become to me.

God is good to work like this, yes? Pray for unity.


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