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What do you mean when you sing?

Do you recognize any of these lyrics?

I laugh when I hear them, but I want to cry a little, too.

We’re hosting a singing at our house Sunday afternoon.
Maybe we should watch this video first?

Lord, if we don’t mean what we sing, change our hearts so we do.

* * *

What songs are hard for you to sing if you’re really being honest with yourself and God?


Debbie Petras said...

That was too funny and yet I agree; it was also a bit sad and true. The song that I identify mostly with is "I Surrender All". When I sing this song, I mean it. But I find myself struggling with surrendering it ALL to Him at times.

Great TSMSS choice Lisa!

Blessings and love,

Michelle said...

I agree with Debbie!
The one I most identify with is `I Surrender All`
It is a funny video, but I had tears in my eyes as I could admittedly relate to some.

Kay said...

I love this! (in a sadly funny sort of way) And yes, you should show it tomorrow - that would be great. :) The "I Surrender Some" and "I Exalt Me" definitely convict me... I know I sing the 'right' words to those songs, but day to day I probably live more like what I just watched - ouch.

Anonymous said...

I felt that way too, it's funny but sad at the same time. Makes me want to really grab onto the wonderful lyrics that we sing and make them a real, living part of my life! ~Holly

Lisa notes... said...

If I can get it to work tomorrow, I'll definitely play it.

The song I related to most was "How Great Is This Song" because that's what I notice us saying the most when we finish singing something. :-) "I love that song", "What a wonderful song", "We did that one well!", etc. I don't think we mean it bad--we love the song because it speaks wonders about God, etc., but still...

Now you'll notice too. :-)


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