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Friday’s Fave Five # 114

FFF_at_Susanne'sTime to count five blessings of the week.

This week was easy.

1. Seeing Kathy twice
My friend Kathy had surgery this week so I got to see her one night at the hospital and yesterday at her mom's house. She's recovering nicely and is always a joy to be around (how does she do that?).

2. Our "nightly" walks (yeah, right)
Since we decided to walk every night (too lofty a goal?), we've walked maybe 3 times in 3 weeks. But it's been great fun when we've done it. Last night we got to talk and catch up with our neighbors also walking.

Can you tell who's the dancer in the family?


3. The dentist
Yes, the dentist is a favorite because I love Dr. David. We grew up at the same church, and he's the ultimate southern gentleman. I enjoyed hearing him talk yesterday to an older patient while I was waiting my turn. He's so gentle AND competent AND said I had no cavities.

4. The dentist's daughter
And while I was there, his daughter kept reassuring me that I still looked 25 years old, just like I did when I taught her in Bible class years ago. Thank you very much, Natalie.

5. Message from Glorhy
amigaI met Glorhy in El Salvador this summer. We are staying in touch through Facebook, when she can get to a cyber cafe.

Last night she sent me another sweet message. Her words—always written in English for me—make me smile.  I do not know how much happiness brings you tell me.”

I know just what she means, and she can’t imagine just how much happiness she brings to me too.
Please pray for Glorhy.

* * *

How has God been good to you this week?


Brother Ollie said...

nightly walks...yeah right - indeed

Adoption Mama said...

His grace amazes me. Waking me and giving me a desire to meet with Him...

Trisha said...

Sounds like a great week, Lisa. What a bright spot you must be in Glorhy's life. And a dentist you really like? How wonderful!

Katie said...

A day off with my husband!

Susannah said...

Wonderful... a joy to read each point. I especially enjoyed #5. Isn't it fun to have friends in foreign places? (I think that's one reason why I love blogging.)

We're walking in the mornings every day, BTW. Loving it!

Floyd said...

It really is the simple things in life that bring joy and happiness isn't it?
What a great reminder. Thanks.

Faith said...

oh how special that message must be to you! that is priceless.....and i wrote about walking as well! i LOVE taking walks with my hubby! And special friends we see more than once a week..def a fave! and what a great compliment from your dentists' daughter! (my dentist is a dave too!)! happy weekend, Lisa

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I'd love to walk together nightly. My hubby is trying to get his back fixed...maybe then we can!

Your friend sounds so sweet! How neat to hear from her.

Have a great week!

ellen b said...

Sweet facebook connection for sure. Makes me smile. Ah yes those great walking goals. I've made several of those too. I do recognize the dancer in the family. She sure is cute!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Barbara H. said...

Glad you got to visit your friend who had surgery a couple of times. And how neat to have a dentist you feel so comfortable with. So sweet to be able to keep in touch with Glorhy.

Susanne said...

Evening walks are awesome. Love the picture.

A good dentist is a blessing for sure and what a sweet daughter he has!

Karyn said...

Sounds like a great week! Many relational blessings.

A family walk, even once a week, sounds like a terrific plan.


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