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How do you enjoy God?


1. fresh small strawberries; Dr. Pepper on crushed ice; Ore-Ida tater tots with Lawry’s seasoned salt; cheddar cheese; room temperature drinking water; first 5 minutes of Bubblicious bubble gum; Cadbury Creme Egg; Kraft caramel

rib eye from Angelo’s; peach cobbler right out of the oven; stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza; steak fries; Capt. Anderson’s popcorn shrimp; fried mozzarella cheese sticks; HOT NOW Krispy Kreme doughnut

2. high thread count pillowcase; full body massage; extra soft t-shirt; baby’s hair; holding hands with hubs; A/C blowing on hot skin

forceful showerhead; airplane at takeoff; lips on neck; silky anything; toes buried in sand; arms of a friend; fingers pressed hard on old piano keys; inside a blazing car after a freezing room

3. double-fudge brownies almost ready; vanilla candle atop the piano; pages of a brand new book; fresh mulch; powder laundry detergent; warm skin in the sun; Johnson’s baby shampoo

honeysuckle; wild cherry blossom lotion;  bacon frying; Cinnabon; front door of Sunbeam bakery

4. strong stereo bass; ocean slapping the beach; solo piano (i.e. Jim Brickman); hard rain; tight alto/tenor harmony

versatile audio-book voice; wind in treetops; foreign accent; silence when reading; laughter; “I love you”; acoustic guitar; white noise; deep sleep beside me; baby’s sneeze

5. creating with words; hitting “Buy” on Amazon; singing with the church; personal e-mail; being clean; intellectually-stimulating discussion; package at the door; timed Sudoku; epiphanies; Dell logic puzzles; praying in a circle (clockwise, naturally)

birthdays on Facebook; winning at Clue; well-crafted blog post;  Psalm 23, 27, 34 in the night; witty tweets; videos of my babies; successful HTML; book that refuses to close; a good mindread; clutter-free room; all green lights on University Drive; encouraging blog comments; soul-connecting encounters

grace and gifts of love from God, Jesus, Holy Spirit

* * *

What would you add to the list?

How are you enjoying God today?



Faith said...

so many of your items are things I enjoy from Him as well. you play piano? I was a piano major in college (undergrad degree) you like classical/romantic/baroque? Can I copy your idea and do a "how are you enjoying God today" post? I think I will!! Thanks for the's great and I sure hope you don't mind!!!!

Beth in NC said...

Ha! I love so many of those same things! We are so blessed aren't we?

God bless you today!

Barbara H. said...

Love how you said the first five minutes of gum, lol! Krispy Kreme donuts are way up on my list, especially when they're hot off the rack.

tinuviel said...

roses on the table; good peanut butter on my bread at lunch; time to rest this afternoon and read and review memory verses; making a new friend yesterday; skilled hands applying traction to relieve pain; air conditioner in record-setting heat; retraining lazy muscles...

I like the way you grouped your list by the senses. (Or am I imagining that?)

Sorry about your power outage. May God grant electricity and too many blessings to count in your family wedding weekend!

Lisa notes... said...

I do play the piano but not anything like you do. :-) I love playing classical but haven’t in awhile. I should probably make it more of a priority.

I’d love to see your own “enjoying God” post!...heading over your way right now…

Lisa notes... said...

I particularly like “time to rest this afternoon and read and review memory verses” because I haven’t done that lately. :-( I hope next week to get back more into my normal groove. Praying you continue to feel better.

And yes, I did group by senses. Nice discernment on your part. :-)

And power is back on! Woo-hoo!

floyd said...

Wow! What a list! I think I might have to adopt it for my own! Some of those things I'm afraid to start. I might like them too much, especially the food I mean. My mouth is watering, I can't get my mind past it!

Katie said...

Love how you find God in the little details to enjoy!!!!!!!!

Debbie Petras said...

Lisa, I am getting tired simply reading your list. LOL. But in the midst of our busy day we can always stay close to God. I know that starting my day in a quiet time helps me to remember and to listen to His still small voice in the midst of all the other voices.

Sorry I'm just getting around to visiting your Faith Barista jam post.

Blessings and love,

Unknown said...

Hitting "buy" on amazon - a whopping definite!!! Lol.

Right here, right now it's hanging out with you and the faith jammers. Nourished, filled, laughing, smiling.

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, in the midst of a busy day (and aren’t most of them that way?), it is wonderful to look around and see the numerous ways God is showing us he loves us. And I like how you put it: to listen to his voice in the midst of other voices. I want his to be the one I’m most in tune with. I love seeing that lived out in your stories about working with kids.

Lisa notes... said...

That Amazon button has definitely brought me lots of God-thoughts the past several years through inspirational reading. I love the easy access of it (although that can work against me too! ha).

And I’m with you on hanging out with the faith jammers. So glad I’ve met you and others there and at various places around the web.

Bonnie Gray said...

I love so many things on your list, Lisa! We would be fast friends in real life, I'm sure. Cinnabon, honeysuckle (oh, that makes me want to write, for some reason!) and loved how you mixed all wonderful gifts in this list! Praise God. He is good.Thanks for this yummy brew in the jam, Lisa!


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