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You never know where you'll find yourself

This one I could never imagine.
Tonight I find myself in a gazebo.
Outside a one-room church building.
In the country of El Salvador.

We walk to the park after a rousing sermon in Spanish in the crammed-packed tiny room in El Refugio. We take it outside to spread our singing and praying and testimonies to those not inside the four walls. To let the people know that the presence of God is in this place.

In the gazebo, we sing.
The American brothers and sisters sing "This Is the Day" in English.
The El Salvadorian hermanos y hermanas sing it in Espanol.

Different languages; same song.
Different nations; same kingdom.
Different lives; same Life-giver.

O Lord,
Why am I always amazed at where you place my feet?

Where will you plant them tomorrow?
* * *
Where have you seen the Life-giver today?


Barbara H. said...

Neat! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

tinuviel said...

Good for you for following where God led! May He be glorified in every aspect of your trip.

Lisa Spence said...

Your post and picture brings back memories of my own trip to Central America! May the Lord reap a great harvest as you faithfully sow seeds of the gospel--for His glory and His kingdom!

Beth in NC said...

God bless you as you shine for Him!

I came over from the Faith Barista's site.


Lisa notes... said...

The trip was SO full that I'm having time putting my thoughts into words.

I appreciate all your prayers that went up while we were among the people of El Salvador. I pray God will bless them as He blessed us while we were with them.

Caroline said...

I love how all God's people can act out this faith, each in their ways, their own languages. Such beautiful unity among all of our uniqueness.

Nikole Hahn said...

In the prayers of a friend.

Bonnie Gray said...

Hi Lisa -- I see the Life-giver in YOU. Isn't it neat we both blogged about life-giving? :) And your encouragement is straight from the brothers and sisters in El Salvador. I can only imagine all the faith you saw, as you looked into the eyes of our spiritual family and friends there! I hope to hear more. Your tweets have been AMAZING, btw! Just faith inspiring, Lisa!


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