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3-word prayers

These three simple, three-word prayers were given to our church by our minister Allen Wright a few years ago in a sermon series entitled “3 Prayers to Last a Lifetime.”

   You, I adore.

Lord, have mercy.  

Into Your hands.

They were powerful to me then. They are powerful to me now.

They also inspired much more in me. May you also make them your own. Intermingle your own thoughts over mine as I did over Allen’s.

Together let’s lift our hearts to our Father’s.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

YouIadore_thumb15     Yahweh, there is none like You.
     When all the earth’s pleasures are swept away,
          yet You remain,
                  You are enough.

                              Holy!           Worthy!           Glorious!

Lordhavemercy_thumb15     I fear.    So I cry out.  And You en-courage.
     I need.  So I ask.           And You supply.
     I sin.      So I sorrow.   And You forgive.

IntoYourhands_thumb7     Here, I long to stay.

     In the blessed name of Jesus,
     May it always be so. Amen.

* * *

revised from the archives

1 comment:

tinuviel said...

So helpful. Thanks!

Another of my favorite short prayers (more than three words, though) is this: "Abba Father, as You wish." Always back to surrender and trust for me.

God bless you, Lisa!


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