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JULY 2011 Posts

Each one, touch one. Make a difference (7/31)
“Alabaré a Mi Señor” (7/30)
Will you remember me? Gifts from El Salvador (7/29)
Who’s on your bus? (7/28)
You already know enough words. Just say them. (7/27)
Something to smile about (7/26)
What’s on your nightstand?—Jul ’11 (7/26)
Seeds and blooms (7/25)
Who do you travel with? (7/23)
A prayer to bless (7/20)
Twitter prayers (7/19)
Is this on your prayer list? (7/18)
Make your home a house of prayer (7/15)
Pray a fresh prayer (7/14)
You never know where you’ll find yourself (7/14)
3-word prayers (7/13)
Where did that song come from? (7/12)
Pray in this moment (Psalm 34) (7/11)
Who believers more in prayer: you or Satan? (7/10)
“How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” (7/9)
Are you good enough? (7/8)
When church leaves you dry (7/7)
What does Bible study do to you? (7/6)
It’s already July? (7/5)
Freedom and grace (7/4)
He’s all that. And more. (7/2)
Five lessons to celebrate (7/1)


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