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Each one, touch one. Make a difference.

The King will answer, “Whenever you did it for any of my people,
no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me.”

Matthew 25:40 (CEV)

We came to do big things for the kids in El Salvador, important things, to make a difference.

  • We did skits of Bible stories.
  • We sang songs about God. 
  • We gave coloring sheets announcing Jesús es la vida (Jesus is Life).

But sometimes it was the little things...

The young schoolboy stumbled upon a little thing: a blue balloon that had escaped from our bag.

Into his little hands.blue_balloon2It mesmerized him.
And he mesmerized me.

He’d toss the balloon, chase it, stare at it.
All with such joy.
Me, it drifted over a wall, his joy flying just out of reach.

So he looked at me.
I looked at the bag of balloons.
The balloons I wasn’t supposed to give away yet. lost_balloonAnd then I did what you would have done, too:
I snuck another balloon out and gave it to my little friend.

I didn’t want the fun to end anymore than he did.

How long he played with the red balloon, I don’t know. I couldn’t stay.

But in the moment I was present, I knew even the smallest of gifts—a balloon (okay, two) was enough.

Because God turns our small things into big things. red_balloonEach time we touch the life of one more person in his name—whether a 5-year-old boy in Central America or an 85-year-old friend in Alabama—we’re doing a big thing. We’re bringing glory to the Father.

And that’s enough to make a difference.

* * *

How can you touch one person today, however small it seems, in the name of Jesus?


Beth in NC said...

That is so sweet Lisa. I'm sure those balloons were like treasures to him.


Have a blessed Saturday!

Lisa notes... said...

It is amazing how something that is so trivial and almost of no value to us—a balloon—can be so treasured by someone else. I pray I’ll always see the gospel as THE most valuable thing I have and can share.

Carrie said...

This is such an encouraging post. I like to look people right in the eye and smile at them, or say hello. It's small to me, but I know it matters somehow.

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, that is it exactly. Your attentiveness to the individual DOES matter; it makes a difference. I know that if Jesus were still on the earth in the flesh, he would look each of us in the eye as he talked, and we would see his eyes smiling just at us. It’s our joy to do it for him to those we meet.

Cathy said...

That is so sweet. Bless his little heart.

Unknown said...

Awesome blog. Thanks for sharing.:)

God bless and keep you,

Shanda said...

Yes, anything we do that touches another's life glorifies God: a balloon, a smile, a touch...

Nikki (Sarah) said...

"It mesmerized him.
And he mesmerized me." Lisa...I had chills reading this It is the simple things...thank you thank you thank you for reminding me this morning...give what I have....and let Him turn it into the best for someone else....b/c that'll be the best for both of us. Hugs to you...You're the total best. Hope you know that.

michelle said...

thanks for this

floyd said...

That was a big thing. To see a smile on the face of a child is a gift from God all by itself. I believe that child will carry the gift of love given through a balloon with him into the rest of his life. He won't even remember why he loves balloons, but his soul will...

Michelle DeRusha said...

Such a simple gift, Lisa -- but so much joy. And oh, that little boy -- what a doll!

Joan Hall said...

Hi Lisa:

I've enjoyed reading about your trip to El Salvador.

Such a blessing to be able to make such a trip and to see the fruits of your labor.

Connie said...

Oh Lisa, what a precious little guy! GOD had you that moment in give you both joy. The color contrasts in the photos are wonderful!

Charlotte said...

What a heart-warming post. It's amazing how such a small thing as a balloon (okay, two) can mean so much to a small boy. Thank you for sharing. The pictures made it even more inspiring.

Pamela said...

Just precious. Have you ever read Max Lucado's "Small Gifts in God's Hands?" It's my favorite children's book. God uses the small things far more often than the big ones.

Lisa notes... said...

No, Pamela, I have somehow missed that Max Lucado book (I thought I had read them all! Ha). Sounds like I need to pick it up though. [Just checked my library’s web site; they don’t have it…maybe I can buy it to read myself then donate it my library…)

I am such a firm believer in God using small things. He uses me after all, and I definitely feel like all I offer is small things.


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