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My favorite podcasts

     and continuing my grace count to 1000...

my_favorite_podcastsOne of my favorite things about living in the digital age is free access to so many good lessons and radio programs.

If I were a local preacher I might not appreciate the “competition” (although I hope they don’t see it that way—wherever Christ is preached, may we all rejoice!), but as a listener, I really appreciate being able to tune in to a variety of Christian lessons throughout the week from all over the country.

At my convenience. In my home. At my pace.

Same with radio shows. I don’t listen to the radio a lot, but there are several shows that I like to hear without being tied down to their schedule. Or their agenda. If it’s a topic that doesn’t apply to me (like raising boys), I just delete.

So iTunes on my laptop is a huge friend.

Whenever a new episode of one of my subscribed podcasts is released, iTunes chases them down automatically so I don’t have to (go here for tips). I then download them onto my computer and later onto my mp3 player (if you have an iPod, it’s even easier).

I then listen when I cook supper or when I’m in the car or in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts
(and # 250-256 on my grace count):
1. Family Life Today
Conversations between hosts Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine, and guests center around family issues in practical ways. Biblically-based, these guys are informative, entertaining, and spiritually uplifting. Half-hour program, weekdays.

Latest episodes include:
   * Liberated by confession
   * Are you ready to remarry?
   * Connecting with others

2. Focus on the Family
Similar to Family Life Today, this Christian show zeroes in on specific aspects of the family. Hosted by Jim Daly, Juli Slattery and John Fuller. Half-hour program, weekdays.

Past few days:
   * Finding rest for your hurried homes
   * The value of marrying young 
   * Trusting God in today’s economy

3. Desiring God Sermons
Now that John Piper is back full-time at Bethlehem Baptist, his current sermons from the book of John are available (along with thousands of other lessons). ~45 minutes, once a week.

Latest sermons:
  * The works of God and the worship of Jesus
   * Why was this child born blind?
   * You will never see death

4. Let My People Think
Ravi Zacharias is one of the most intelligent Christian apologists of our time. His program is usually recordings of the lectures he gives at universities. I can’t always follow his points, but I’m challenged by the way he makes me think. Half-hour program, weekly.

Latest series:
   * Is Jesus the only way?

5. Connected Kingdom
A relative newcomer to the podcast scene, Tim Challies from and David Murray interview authors and speakers about spiritual matters relevant to today’s society. Approximately one program every couple of weeks.

Latest episodes include:
   * Training your children
   * Be encouraged
   * An interview with Nancy Guthrie

6. Stuff You Should Know
Josh and Chuck from provide a wide range of info and silliness that I enjoy listening to from time to time. I’m choosy about which shows I listen to, but I always learn some new tidbit from them when I do. (Not from a Christian perspective.)

Some past topics:
   * Can the sun kill you
   * How fear works
   * How rollercoasters work

7. WNYC’s Radiolab
This NPR show hosted by Jad and Robert is hard to describe. Sometimes science, sometimes culture, sometimes art, they entertain while informing. (Not from a Christian perspective).

Latest shows include:
   * Talking to machines
   * Dogs gone wild
   * Pass the science

Happy listening!

* * *

Do you listen to podcasts or sermons on-line?

What’s your favorite?


Barbara H. said...

I need to get an iPod! I like to listen to things while cooking or cleaning or getting ready in the mornings but usually listen to the Christian radio station or music CDs. My car doesn't have a CD player, and often when I am going to or from Mom's, the kids program is on the Christian station, and I'd so like to listen to something else. I may have to add that to my birthday list. :-) I've never been sure if I could stand earphones or earbuds, but I should borrow some to try out.

Hannah Avery said...

We like to listen to Ravi Zecharias on Sunday on our way to church ( not on podcast.) His lectures are so interesting and moving!


Lisa notes... said...

A lot of times you get “free” earbuds when you buy the device itself, so no money lost if you don’t like them.

Another option for you would be to get a docking station if you get an iPod or portable speakers. I use a cheap little portable speaker to hook up to my mp3, and it works fine for in-house and in the car. My car is too old to have a USB port for direct access, but I do have a cassette tape thing with a cord (it’s cheap) that I plug into my mp3 so I can listen in the car through my car speakers instead of the portable speaker.

But my favorite option is some good earphones I got for Christmas because they block out outside noise SO much better. I can still hear a podcast next to the washing machine or while vacuuming, for example, which I couldn’t do with my cheaper earbuds or earphones when the competing noise was so loud. They also block out TV noise if I have a white track playing. That’s the main reason I invested in them so I can read without distraction while Jeff is watching TV. :-)

Lisa notes... said...

I started listening to Ravi on the radio. I would record the show on a cassette tape late Saturday afternoons when it would air (if I remembered) or else early on Sunday morning when it would air again. So catching it on the podcast has been much easier on my scheduling. :-)

Yes, his lectures are very interesting. I love his passion for passing on Truth. He’s a great influence for maintaining the purity of the gospel message.

elizabeth said...

Don't think I could have raised my girls without all of the help I used to get from those Focus on the Family radio broadcasts...who knew in the 80's that there would come a day I could listen when and where I want!

DaisyGirl said...

Free podcasts, etc. is one of the reasons I praise modern technology. While it puts bad things easily at our fingertips, it also puts very great things as easily accessible. It's all in how you use it.

But isn't it just great having all the teaching and Good News to listen to whenever you want?

Lisa notes... said...

I know, Elizabeth. I took quite a bit of advice that Dr. Dobson gave out over the years. (I miss him on the show now.) I don’t think I could have envisioned this day of listening whenever and wherever!

I so agree. I know that technology has created many new routes of temptation, but it’s also opened up new ways of sharing the gospel and being encouraged by it. It always goes back to the heart, huh?

tinuviel said...

Yes, I do! My favorites are Truth for Life (Alistair Begg), Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss), and Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll).

Lisa notes... said...

Oh thanks! I like to try new ones periodically and switch things around so I’ll keep this list handy.

Lisa T said...

I love Desiring God's as well. You are so right, we have so much access to many tools to help us grow in our faith through technology! Now if we (I) could just not get so distracted by everything else that it offers!

Lisa notes... said...

You express my thoughts exactly, Lisa T. I find it hard not to get incredibly distracted by everything else out there.

I read just this morning on my Kindle (and tweeted it—I do love technology) that one edition of the New York Times has more information than a 17th century Britisher would come across in a lifetime (from Richard Swenson in “Margin”). Don’t know how accurate that is, but I find it easy to believe. No wonder I feel I can’t keep up. Ha.


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