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Make a Bible notebook

lisa_notebookWhy do you study the Bible?

If you’re like me, you have many reasons. my_notebook

To know God more.
To be transformed into his image.
To learn to love others better.
To build a stronger faith in Jesus.
To reflect his glory.
To solidify truth in your heart.

But if you read the Bible and immediately forget what you learn, how effective is that (James 1:23-24)?

God often commanded the Israelites to write things down, and their faithfulness to the written Word means we have accurate scriptures today.

We all know that one effective way to retain what you read is to write it down.

In a place you can find again.

Creating a personal Bible notebook works for me. While I still keep separate notebooks for specific purposes (like my Philippians memory book), I use one 3-ring binder to hold the bulk of my daily studies.notebook_Greek_2

           Read how to make your own notebook ...

* * *

I’m writing today for Toolbox Tuesday at Do Not Depart.

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Diana Lovegrove said...

Mmm. I've recently been challenged to start memorizing small chunks of the Bible, and now I'm thinking maybe having a written record of my Bible studies may be a good idea too....thanks for this, Lisa!

Lisa notes... said...

It definitely helps me to have a main place to keep track of most everything. I still have certain things spread out elsewhere, but my notebook remains homebase. Hope it helps you too if you decide to do one.

Melissa said...

I was wondering about your notebook. I'm thinking I need to start one of those myself. I've been using spiral notebooks for years, but it would be nice to have a section for each book of the Bible.

Ash said...

Thanks for this! I think I might make one for my husband for Father's Day. I was wondering if you might be able to share a link to the greek alphabet and key words you mentioned in the post? If you can I would appreciate it. I thought it would be a nice starting off point for my husband or whoever else I might gift one to.

Lisa notes... said...

My Greek Alphabet page must have been a handout from the teacher because I can’t find it online (it’s been awhile since I got it). But of the ones I looked at today online, this is one I would recommend to you:

It shows both the capital and lower case letters side by side, the name of the letter, and the sound of the letter (in some cases). It also gives a few grammar points that are helpful (such as diphthongs).

As far as the key words, they were just ones I gathered myself from my readings in the Greek/English Bible. Of the books I used, my favorite was “Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day”, a teach yourself book. However, it’s really old (not that the New Testament Greek language is changing!) but I’m guessing there’s even better resources available now, either in print or online. I’m really a novice so I hate to be giving out too much advice. Ha.

I think you are a special wife to consider making this for your husband! He is a blessed man to have you.

Ash said...

Thanks! He does a lot of studying and he uses those moleskin notebooks so he ends up doing quite a bit of searching when he needs to find something, so I thought this might help.
He bought the Greek-English new testament awhile back, so I think he'll definitely get use out of the Greek section.

Lisa notes... said...

You’re welcome. I absolutely love, love, love my Greek-English New Testament. It gives me lots of ideas of things to study and words to research; I’m sure it does the same for your husband. I need to be even better about recording those things in my notebook though because if I don’t write them down, they’re gone in about an hour. Ha.


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