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A first day in February

The Simple Woman's DaybookOutside my dirty Honda awaits a free car wash from God this afternoon

I am thinking...about my mom’s last birthday party, a year ago Feb. 2, and the 1st anniversary of my dad’s death coming up Feb. 14

I am wondering...if Jenna will finish off the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Drops (they’re not as good as they sounded)

I am thankful...that my cousin Doug & family joined our family meal last Saturday night

In the learning rooms...I’m learning more physics than I planned, but enjoying it more than I expected

In the kitchen...left-over barbecue sandwiches for lunch. Again. But that’s okay.

I am wearing...a long-sleeve blue shirt, favorite gray sweats, grungy once-white houseshoes that need washing

I am the newspaper office to get Jenna’s picture made to accompany her winning travel photograph (1st place!)

I am looking forward time with my husband very soon at the beach

I am reading...Couples Who Pray

I am hoping...that we’ll become a couple who prays together

I am anticipating...reading the book I got in the mail today, One Thing: Developing a Passion for the Beauty of God by Sam Storms

I am appreciating...that my oldest daughter called today to schedule a weekend to visit us this month (and she just left Sunday!)

I am hearing...geese honking loudly and possessively on the lake

I am realizing...that I’ll have some extra time now that Jenna can drive herself

I am studying...the grace of God, on paper and in reality

Around the house...yellow is building (for Jenna’s upcoming “yellow” party for her 16th birthday)

I am praying...for Morgan to find the right job after graduation and for friends who are being laid off

I am pondering these words...“Only awe of God has the power to decimate your bondage to awe of you.” ~Paul Tripp

I am tired procrastinating on finishing the 10th grade scrapbook project

A picture for thought...this is what a man, his guitar, and a heart for God might look like—Matt Maher in worship Sunday nightMatt Maher

Not pictured: Lynn and I worshiping “side by side” that night via the miracle of texting and Facebook :-)

* * *

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What are you thinking about today?


Melissa said...

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on Couples Who Pray & One Thing.

Where did you get the Tripp quote? It's powerful!

Hope Jenna has a great birthday party, and that you have a wonderful weekend away with your man!

Lisa notes... said...

Couples Who Pray—has some really good sections, and then some “why is this in here?” spots… Will let you know how it ends. :-)
Tripp’s quote—I got from Twitter. He has some great tweets. Often they’re from his books but I can’t usually tell which ones…

elizabeth said...

Dear Lisa,
My Mama passed away 6 days ago. Her funeral was yesterday. I have been thinking of you and your loss of both parents so close together. Love to you my friend.

Lisa notes... said...

Oh, Elizabeth. I didn’t know. I’m so, so sorry to hear that. I loved reading about your sweet mama and all the ways she loved you by “doing” for you. I know you loved her very much and will miss her. That’s what we daughters do…
Praying for you and love you,

Nikole Hahn said...

I am thinking of the myriad of conversations that disrupted my coffee and thinking time at Starbucks and how great those conversations would be in a story. I am thinking that I shouldn't have eaten that donut. The scale will hate me tomorrow. I am thinking how lucky I am that God uses my past pain to help those in the present pain.

Lynn Severance said...

I am thinking first of all of these February anniversaries that are forever in your heart - alongside treasured memories from other Februaries - hugs to you as you meet these days.

I am thinking how much I enjoyed "attedning" the concert with you, worshipping and in sync - admiring a your texting and multi-tasking skills!

Love you!

Barbara H. said...

I saw that Paul Tripp quote in your sidebar and posted on FB yesterday. Hit me right between the eyes.

Your February sounds like our December, with so many of those kinds of anniversaries in it. May God give you grace and comfort in "those days."

I remember having such mixed emotions as my kids learned to drive but enjoying the extra time.

Lisa notes... said...

So your thoughts seems as scattered as mind. Ha. Yet purposed just the same. I agree with you that God using our past pain to help those in present pain is definitely a blessing. It sometimes takes awhile to get to that point, but it’s sweet when it arrives.

Thanks, Lynn. I do have a weird feeling today, knowing that it’s my mom’s birthday and not getting to see her or give her a card. But you’re right that I do have treasured memories to draw upon. Even last year, in the midst of Alzheimer’s, she had such happy moments on this day when her friends came to visit.

Lisa notes... said...

When my first daughter learned how to drive, I enjoyed the extra time because she also drove the youngest around. But when she left home, and *I* had to start driving again, it seemed so time-consuming and I thought this day seemed so far away. Yet here it is. Back to not having to drive.

I suppose in the end it can come full circle and we won’t even be able to drive ourselves. ha.


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