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Do it slow

     Read no further if you’re a procrastinator or a perfectionist who does everything meticulously slowly as it is. You may need the opposite advice: “Hurry up already!”

Not everybody needs this advice.
I posted it on my dresser last Friday. do_it_slowBut I need it.
I like speed.
Get this done so I can move on to that.

Especially if it’s work. If I go as fast as possible, I’ll have more time available for fun things.

But that can work against me. And against you.

Because if you need to talk to me during the 30 minutes I’ve scheduled for writing lesson plans, for example, you become a distraction.

And I don’t want to see you as a distraction.
I want you to see you as a blessing.
To feel welcomed.

Not that schedules and efficiency are bad things. They’re not. In many ways they make smoother relationships possible. 

But I need to think twice about what I’m being efficient in. And why.
Some things don’t call for efficiency.
They call for attentiveness.

Schedules aren’t boss.
God is.
And if God is saying, “Slow this life down,” then I need to hit the brakes.

So instead of rushing through the grocery store aisles, I’m lingering longer over the food choices I make to feed my family for a week.
I want my chores to be blessings, not distractions.

And for this season I pick up my shovel daily to practice...slowing down.
Will what now feels like wasting time be turned into creating time?
I dig in the dirt. Just a little.

Then I stop.
And be.


* * *

Intentionally slowing down is hard for me. You too?

What helps you?


Dianna said...

Great post, Lisa! I have days where I am a "hurry up" person, and then I have days when I take an entire day to accomplish one task. What I need is balance!

BUT I do totally relate to you as far as how I view interruptions. I've actually not answered the telephone before because I wanted to get a project done NOW! That's not I am always looking for ways to help me realize that relationships are more important than the work. Please share any tips you come up with that work for you.

Lisa notes... said...

I’ve done that more times that I want to admit…

But here’s a God-story! Just as you were probably typing your comment, my phone rang (6:45 a.m. is too early for me to start answering the phone, for the record! Ha). But I answered it, knowing that it wasn’t going to be for me but just to keep it from ringing over and over. It was an acquaintance of Jeff’s that I had met once. He was calling to pass along some info to Jeff, but also because he knew were a Christian family and he needed us to pray about a family issue for him.

I am very glad I answered that “interruption.” And very humbled over how many times I have not…

Stephani Cochran said...

A great reminder Lisa. I am doing a few things in my life to help me practice living in the moments. I want to live a deliberate life not a passive one, scribbling and racing through life. That's why I started my blog. I can't believe how much more of life I see now by simply taking the time to see it! My camera and my computer have helped in this journey tremendously. I have to admit, my house isn't quite as clean, but my life is fuller. Have a great Wednesday!

Lisa notes... said...

Exactly. To slow down in some areas means we have to let go of others. That’s hard for me too.
For the record, I have been so blessed by your blog (and your camera and your computer) and the Life revealed through those tools.

JD said...

I love this post, oh, how the truth is spoken so clearly through your words! I love your perspective.

I too have struggled in this area, and I've found more and more that what helps me through it is to spend more time in the Word throughout the day, even in little bits and pieces -- it forces me to slow down and savor His presence in my life, and it helps keep everything else in perspective.

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, JD. The more time we spend in the Word, the deeper the Word goes into us. And we have to slow down to do that…

Rose said...

"Some things don't call for efficiency. They call for attentiveness." So true and something I have to remind myself of daily.

Tracy said...

Could have wrote this myself! :)


Amy said...

It is sad that we don't let our children miss basketball practice, but we don't make our family devotion time a priority. I am pondering this today, too. Why don't we make that the first on our list. Thanks for sharing this today.

Barbara H. said...

I tend to hurry through the obligatory things, as you said, to make time to slow down for the "fun" things. But slowing down might make them seem less obligatory. And I am the same way when interrupted....have to remind myself often that my time and schedule are His...

Connie said...

"Schedules aren’t boss.
God is.
And if God is saying, “Slow this life down,” then I need to hit the brakes."...well said...and when we don't, then He'll help us by slowing us down Himself...wise you are to heed His Voice.

momneverstops said...

I have days that I fly through and know that I really need to slow down some. This past weekend I was gone on a Girls Getaway with our church and actually was on the committee that organized it. Before I went I decided I was going to be relaxed no matter what and not run around like a wild woman. I did and enjoyed my time and God spoke to me throughout the whole weekend and I was still enough to hear him!


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