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Wrap your sacrifice in this

The one who offers thanksgiving
as his sacrifice glorifies me;
to one who orders his way rightly
I will show the salvation of God!

~ PSALM 50:23

i’m giving it away

but i don’t want to
i want to keep it
because i like it
my selfish self is charmed by it

would any offer less be a sacrifice?

some sacrifices cut smooth—a sacrifice of praise
but others slice rough

i cut off another piece of me
i lay it on the altar

and it aches there

it’s no ruse to acquire His approval
i have that already
courtesy of the Son’s sacrifice

i lay me down to voice i obey
to avow His ways are highest
despite wonder at how He’ll fill lack in my open wound

but even then
not enough
not enough
sacrifice cries for something more

give thanks

the cutting needs wrapped
for holy transformation

cover surrender with white-hot gratitude

can i
will i
giftwrap my bleeding with thanksgiving? 

* * *

What is hard for you to offer Him?


Dianna said...

Isn't it just so true, Lisa, how it is hard to lay down as a sacrifice parts of us that we'd rather keep for ourselves? I know that is why they are called "sacrifices"...when I watched the video of Ann discussing chapter five of her book the one thought that really penetrated my heart and soul was that when the dark times come, God doesn't expect us to put a big smile on our face and say "thank you God for this darkness", but that we thank Him for being there for us and for all that He will work in us because of the darkness. To me, that fits so well with what you have written about here today. Praising Him in those times truly is a sacrifice. Great post, Lisa!

Lisa notes... said...

It's funny you mention Ann's book, Dianna, because I didn't consciously make the connection until I read your comment. I guess it proves how we ARE influenced by what we read, even when we're not aware of it. Thankful that reading her book is a good influence! As are reading your words. Thanks, friend. You're always so encouraging.

Melissa said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Barbara H. said...

You've described the emotions of sacrifice so perfectly.

katdish said...


Unknown said...

This cuts the heart. In it's beauty and in it's rawness. What is hard for me to give up? Time, sometimes, the order of my day. The things that I feel desperate to accomplish but that just might not be on His agenda.

Amy Sullivan said...

This is beautiful. For me, it ishard to offer God my trust. I think I always know better. I think I understand how to get to MY determined destination better than He does. I think I understand my purpose than he does.

Wow. That attitude needs work. I know it is wrong, but it is hard to truly give up control.

Lisa notes... said...

Time is one of THE hardest things for me to sacrifice. But I’m beginning to understand that time is just really my surface issue; the underlying issue is, as you put it “the order of my day.” It’s giving up what *I* have planned for what He is giving me to do.

I’m spending this year really focusing in on that very issue, trying to offer God more of my trust. My lack of faith manifests itself in ugly ways (like worry, for one). Yes, it is definitely hard to give up control… May He give both of us grace on our journey with trusting Him more…

Rachy said...

Beautiful! I have a hard time sacrificing my pain. I'm getting better at it though.

a joyful noise said...

Wrapping our sacrifice in thanksgiving. Such a true and lovely thought. Putting our bloody self on his alter and leaving it there! WOW

Lisa notes... said...

I am inspired by your courage to “shed a layer of protection that I no longer need.” That is definitely a sacrifice. Praying for the healing of your heart as you give it to Him for safekeeping…

Stephani Cochran said...

It seems the older my parents get the more prepared I would be to say goodbye. But instead the more fragile they get, the tighter I want to hold on.

Mari-Anna Frangén Stålnacke said...

Wow! What a great poem! Powerful. Beautiful. Thank you, Lisa, for blessing us! Blessings to you!

Loni said...

some sacrifices cut smooth—a sacrifice of praise
but others slice rough

yes . . . and the rough, personal ones are when we lean more into Him . . . thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.


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