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More Curios here1. Don’t make Jesus more of a mediator than he is
by John Piper
Because of Jesus, we can go directly to the Father.

2. Is being “church nice” really nice?
“Sounds like a lot of churches to me,” by Bill Mounce.

3. For bloggers: 5 Steps to Captivating Readers
What I liked best was this exercise:
     Describe in five adjectives the message you want
     readers to get from your blog.

4. The 40 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time
See how many you recognize.

5. The Good-O-MeterGood-o-Meter

HT: Sandy

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Barbara H. said...

I've seen that first one linked to a number of times but just now took the time to read it. Good thoughts. And the link to Copyblogger led me to several other links so that I've now subscribed to it. According to the writer my having a different tone from some days to other days would be confusing to people, but I always thought that was kind of like real life. Have to think about that.

justcallmerie said...

I love the Good-o-Meter, oh my goodness, I love the Good-o-Meter!!


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