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Before you cry “Unfair!”

unfairIt is easier to bear some abuse if I reflect, “I do not deserve this reproach but I do deserve others that have not been made.”
  ~ Francois Mauriac

I didn’t get the speeding ticket this time. Or that time. Or the time before. I’m due, I admit.

All the things that could have happened. But didn’t. That’s grace.

The car that ran the red light but didn’t hit anyone. That’s grace for him, grace for all of us. 

Little things. Big things.

  • The bone that didn’t break on the fall.
  • The affair that didn’t blossom on the flirt.
  • The dog that didn’t bite on the run.
  • The fat that didn’t accumulate on the 3rd donut. 
  • The cold that didn’t catch on your vacation.

None of it is fair. We don’t get what we deserve.

So when some ugly “unfair” happens,
maybe we can cut God some slack?

* * *

Where do you fall on the
justice vs grace continuum?


Julie said...

Oh how I do love this one Lisa! And the picture just fits! :-) :-)
OH what tragic circumstances would surround us constantly, consistently ...this I know, if God gave me what I deserved! And I ponder how much MORE evil would be in this world if God's hand were not holding back WAY WAY more than what is actually happening...know the hearts of man...including mine. Thanking God with you today for HIS mercy and grace to give me way better than I deserve and far less than I deserve...Praise Him..Thank you Lisa for a great reminder...Life is NOT fair...PTL!
hugs to you...glad I met you through TLD challenge...

Barbara H. said...

Good perspective -- we get so many good things we don't deserve, and don't get negative things we do deserve, you wouldn't think we'd have so much trouble when an occasional bad thing happens.

Bobbi said...

I was just saying to my husband this morning that God is SO faithful...has been through EVERY trial of life...why do we tend to freak out when trials come our way? If you really think about it...we'd be smart to pray for that trial often has the most beautiful end resulting flowers. I LOVED this today! Thanks!!

Dianna said...

SO much to ponder here, Lisa. I shudder to think if I were given what I deserved how devastated I would be...grateful for the Grace that covers it. I'm asking the Holy Spirit to remind me of this the next time I am tempted to even think that what God is allowing in my life as unfair.

Lisa notes... said...

I tend to think about this a lot when I’m driving, how we come so close to death almost every time we’re in a car. Yet so few accidents occur compared to how many COULD occur. And that’s just accidents. When I think about all the junk in everybody’s hearts, yikes. God is definitely merciful and I praise God with you that he’s not fair!

I’m glad we met through TLD too. Can’t believe how fast it’s going by.

Lisa notes... said...

It’s hard for us to even be aware of all the bad things that DON’T happen to us since we never see them. I wonder if one day we’ll be able to see what could have been… Hope not. Ha. I’d rather not know, unless I need to know to make me more grateful...

Nikole Hahn said...

"So when some ugly “unfair” happens,
maybe we can cut God some slack?"

I love that line!

katdish said...

When I find myself saying, "It's not fair", I am reminded of my kids when they were younger. Nothing is fair when you don't get your way. Especially when you consistently focus on yourself: your struggle, your hardship, your missed opportunity, your brilliant, undiscovered talent, whatever. And I tell myself what I tell my kids: Life's not fair. But we can make it a little more bearable when we forget about ourselves and try to help someone else. We honor God when we forget ourselves and love one another.

Anonymous said...

Being an oldest child I have spent way too much time pondering fairness. :) I have learned (mostly) to turn it over to God though. His grace for me is the same grace He has for others and everything is working to our good. Great post, Lisa. Thank you.

bekahcubed said...

I remember one time when my Dad said he never contests a speeding ticket--even if he could. He said that he knows that for every time he unjustly receives a ticket, there are hundreds of times when he unjustly DOES NOT receive a ticket.

It's not just the things that COULD have happened, but the things that SHOULD have happened that are reminders of God's grace. Yes, I could have been killed--but what's more, I SHOULD have been killed. Not only COULD my lustful intentions turned into lustful actions, but they SHOULD have. All the good that I have received--and all the good that I have done--is all a result of the restraining grace of God.

Lisa notes... said...

Ooh, an excellent point, Rebekah, that not only do we not get what COULD happen, but we don’t get what SHOULD happen. If life were truly fair, I would having lots of speeding tickets, even though I don’t think my little 5-miles-over-the-limit is a big deal. It’s still breaking the law and I don’t need to do it.

So thankful that God is patient and merciful with us in all things to train us in godliness. May I be as thankful for his gifts of restraint as I am his more obvious gifts…


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