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Are your edges fuzzy?

boundary rocksThe line is blurry.
Where do the weeds stop and the flowers begin?

So this week I dig. Through the yuck. I’m resetting the boundaries.

I start here. This little patch I claimed as mine before we began building the house. I’m taking it back.

But I’m not starting from scratch. It has roots now—of irises, daisies, pinks, azaleas. Keep the good; eliminate the bad.buttercups

What grows in your garden? Is there an area you need to reclaim?

Over time, your boundaries can get smudged. Maybe with a spouse. Or a child. Or between work and play?

Maybe with God—over the pretties that pull you over the line when you don’t give full attention.

Cleaner boundaries lead to purer lives. More blooms; less weeds.

For the next 12 weeks I’m committing to playing in the yard* with God. Literally. I grow there.

Hands dirty, sweat dripping, muscles tugging. I breathe clearer outside. I forget time. I remember Eternity. tools

So this week I take tools and reset boundaries.

  • Orange-handled hoe
    To pull back the leaves and chop through unruly roots.
  • Notepad and pen
    To scribble what I find in and out of the lines.
  • Camera
    To document what was to compare with what is.
  • Heart of gratitude
    To thank the One who limits the bad—this far and no farther!—but lifts the roof off the good.

hoe in dirtTend your edges.
You’ll find delight within the boundaries.

* * *

God_in_the_YardWhat boundaries do you need to reset?

  *  I’m reading God in the Yard: Spiritual practice for the rest of us.


Unknown said...

This is a wonderful post and welcome to Soli Deo Gloria! I'm so glad that you linked up today!

Boundaries -- wow. I've been working to set some in my relationships and it has been hard work. Also, being that I do most of my work from home, I have a hard time not letting work overflow into family life. It's good that you talked about this -- confirmation that I need to take a hard look at my schedule...after I'm done with this flu!

Barbara H. said...

I'm not big into gardening, but I like to plant a few flowers here and there.

Boundaries are so helpful in so many areas but do need frequent check-ups. Thanks for the reminder.

marlece said...

this was so gooooood! Boundries, us girls have such a problem with this don't we? It is easy to let life lead us instead of letting God lead our life. It is a constant conscious choice isn't it? I loved this post, can't wait to come back and read more!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I have been on the same mind set lately...but not in the garden because my garden is still under over 6 feet of snow. And I am not kidding!!

Rachy said...

I love this idea of tending to the edges, of resetting boundaries. It's definitely an important thing to do. Thanks for sharing!

marlece said...

Lisa, I am sorry I got on here soooo many times...I don't know what happened. So sorry, and I don't know how to fix it!

Lisa notes... said...

Not a problem. I can fix it. It's worth re-reading what you said anyway! ha.

Craig said...

First – is that a heart shaped rock????

I am going to love following your living analogy – and yes – those boundaries – too blurry – gotta fix that!

God Bless and Keep you and your family

Oh, and Happy day after Valentine’s Day.

Lisa notes... said...

The past few years I’ve only planted flowers in pots on my deck. And I have to say it was great fun only having a few. But this year I’m determined to get back into the swing of things a little more...

Now that you mention it, I believe it IS a heart-shaped rock. Funny - today I was working on shaping the flower bed a little more, and I discovered I was turning the top part into a heart. ha. Maybe that's a God-thing and I should just go with it... :-)


Thanks so much, Lisa, for you visit to my blog and your sweet comment on my cookie story.

I love this post. . . I am doing some edging in my own life right now . . . just moved to a new city and trying to listen to God . . . what He wants me to plant here.

Thanks for joining us at Jens.


Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, I always like stopping by your place.

Ok, boundaries I need to reset. Work, work, work. Part-time means part-time. I must repeat.

Kim Turnage said...

Love this! God grows me in the garden too, Lisa. But I still have snow on my beds and 8 weeks at best before I can put my hands in the dirt out there and let God prune me as I plant and weed and prune and redefine those bed lines that have grown fuzzy.


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