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It’s a crazy love

swan at Lake Eola Park

I need to remember that if I stop pursuing Christ,
I am letting our relationship deteriorate.

We never grow closer to God when we just live life;
it takes deliberate pursuit and attentiveness.
     ~ Francis Chan
       Crazy Love

a deliberate pursuit
an attentiveness

i know this
i try to live this

but it is a crazy love
is it not

this constant chase
this deliberate diligence

of His
for me

why does He do it?
to grow closer?

to me?
it is a crazy love

I praise you for loving beyond my wildest imagination.
May I ever deliberately pursue you. 
And may I never cease to be astounded by your pursuit of me.

* * *

Are you also amazed at how much God loves?


Bobbi said... SO true!

Barbara H. said...

So true -- usually if we're just drifting, we drift away, sadly.

Michelle said...

Happy Valentine's!!

Dianna said...

Beautifully done, Lisa...and so so true!

bekahcubed said...

I love how you turned Chan's thoughts on their head--and strengthened them at the same time. God's crazy pursuit of us, inspiring what might be seen as our crazy pursuit of Him. But really, can even the wildest pursuit of ours come even close to His wild pursuit of us? I think not.


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