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3 pieces of advice to a new Christian

baptism2-1What advice would you give a new Christian?

Our church has had several believers birthed into Christ lately. We’re passing along advice.

Here’s some advice I’d add to the mix:

(1) Unwrap the gifts
Of course stay on your guard against temptation—sin can still destroy you.

But you’ve received the gift of grace from Jesus Christ!

And it won’t stop. He will keep offering gifts to you that you’ll need on the journey.

Watch for them, unwrap them, and use them.

(2) Wear God’s watch
Forget about your own clock now. God’s timing is different than yours.
Your natural tendency is near-sided, but God takes the eternal perspective.

Grow in understanding that God has everything under control, even time. It will bring you great peace to know things unfold as they’re meant to.

God is never too late; never too early.

(3) Worship everywhere
You now can zero in on a single life goal: glorifying God.

It’s what he designed you to do. Let him know how wonderful he is: to him, to yourself, to others.

In all you do—your career, your relationships, your everyday life—make God look good. In a way that is as distinctive as your fingerprints.

Bring your worship of him to everything, everywhere.

* * *

What else?
What advice would you add for a new believer?


Saleslady371 said...

Excellent advice.

Whidbey Woman said...

Amen! And a good reminder for those of us who have been walking in the faith awhile....

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I think this is good advise for old Christians as well.

Barbara H. said...

Good advice. I'd want to convey something about staying in the Word -- not so as to have a "good day," not because God is going to be "mad" if you don't, but just because that's primarily how He communicates with us. Like any relationship, spending time together and getting to know Him helps that relationship grow.

When I was first saved, my church had a program for reading the Bible through, and I think that was one of the biggest factors in keeping me grounded spiritually in an unsaved family.

Virginia said...

Great advise.
Love Is in the Air….Have a Happy Valentine's Day!
Sweet Blessings and much LOVE always,

Nikki (Sarah) said...

this is a great list....wishing you a great Sunday and happy valentines...

Renee said...

Really good information, Lisa for new Christians...and good reminders for us who have been in the faith a long time..
Sending Valentine's hugs your way.

Joan Hall said...

Good advice, Lisa. I would also add to encourage them to read and study the Word. When I was first saved, there wasn't an emphasis on growing in the Lord. In the church I attend now, a strong emphasis is placed upon a personal prayer and study time.

Great post!


Charlotte said...

Wonderful advice. Thank you for sharing.


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