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5 things you learn at the beach

1. Stick together  black_skimmersThe journey is easier when you’re not alone. Even though my family (except Jeff) isn’t near me this week, we’ve stayed connected through text, Skype, FB, and phone. (How did we used to do it???)

Keeping tight with a family of like-minded believers helps you stay healthy.

2. You’re always protected lifeguard_protectedIf you’re a believer, you always live in the protected zone. Wherever you are, God is there too. Not necessarily protecting you from physical harm (although I’m thankful when he does!) but He’s always a rock of refuge and a mighty fortress in the midst of whatever surrounds you.

I’ve enjoyed also having His Word with me this week on my Kindle and in the stack of books I brought for my Depend and Delight resolution.

3. Everybody’s gotta eatcrab shellHow does God keep everybody fed? There are billions of creatures He’s responsible for every day. snack_food

Jeff lent Him a helping hand in keeping me fed this week. :-)

Before I arrived, he stocked the hotel refrigerator with lunch foods and bought a stash of my favorite snacks.

I’m spoiled; I admit it. But hasn’t God spoiled us all—in too many ways to count?

4. Dig your heels intoes in sandWherever God has placed you, dig in there. Some locales are easy (a trip to the beach), but some are hard (failing health or troubled family or new job or just everyday life).

But know that God has you there for a purpose. So serve right there and give Him glory wherever He plants your feet. 

5. Keep your eyes openbeach_view

And take pictures when you can. Because the views can be phenomenal. And you don’t want to forget the great things God has shown you!atlantic_ocean

* * *

Do you find God at the beach too?

I’m thoroughly enjoying being at the beach.


Melissa said...

This is a wonderful list of reminders! You're exactly right, and I like the way you've put the ideas together.

Dianna said...

#4 is the one that speaks to me today, Lisa.

Grace + thanksgiving = joy! That's where I'm headed.

Julie said...

Loved my visit here....AGAIN! Yes I find God at the beach simply watching the ocean, especially when there is a storm approaching at nigh and seeing the lightning flash across the deep darkness and light up the water and whitecaps in the far distance...a sight to jumpstart your heart with wonder...Lisa, today in your post, #4 touched me...For where I am is where I HAVE dug in, and bloomed where God planted...for 18 years...
and now I realize in the reading here, I am being uprooted...God is tooling and getting ready to transplant..and I am having to let go...NOT keep my heels "dug in"...and I realize it is a process, and God is doing it gently, ever so as not to break the roots that have grown and fed and changed me..the works He has been doing all along...HERE..and now He wants me to go ...THERE....I feel the my heart...some things are necessary...and uncomfortable...unfamiliar...but the plans of the ONE who is doing the work...the vision HE will be the end process...YES????? YOU made me think today..because of your post. Thanks to you, dear bloggy sister, and thanks for #4...God used it for me. Hugs to you Lisa...I pray here as I sit that you and Hubby are having a delightful and renewed ...refreshing! time in your bonding...the act of marriage.

Gattina said...

I wished I could do all that ! but I have no beach around and it's far to cold ! I have to wait for a few months !

Jerralea said...

Wonderful encouraging post, Lisa - as always!

I love the part about stick together, and also serving right where you are ... very timely advice for where I am in my life today.

Susanne said...

#4 really hits home this week for me too.

Karen said...

Love the beach! I was grateful for texting and cell phones this week, too. What did we do without technology?

Anonymous said...

COOL list especially since the ocean is my most favorite of places to be. On your lists I like "Stick together' the best (right now).

Once thing I learn when I am at the ocean is that it isn't all about me. The over-whelming sound of the waves, the powerful smell of the sea salt and sea weed and the constant feel of the breeze all remind me of its creator.

I am so in need of a beach trip now!

elizabeth said...

SUCH a great list! I love the way you write and tie things together.

We go to the lake a LOT in the summer and I've shared with my husband that I always feel so close to the Lord at the lake. I don't know if it's because all the noise in my mind stops and I'm better able to hear Him or the beauty all around me or what. But I do love it.

Barbara H. said...

Great object lessons. I used to live near the beach and love visiting it.

April J Harris said...

I love how you have written this post, Lisa, and how you have used it to fit in those wonderful reminders. Thank you for sharing it with FFF.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Great reminders, Lisa! I live close to one and I still forget those lessons...! :0)

Have a great week ahead.

Mary said...

At the the mountains. I definitely find God in those places. He's given us such a wonderful, amazing world!

Willow said...

The beach is my spot of choice, every time. I love walking, sitting, strolling, beach combing--any time. Thanks for the photos and the obvious and not so obvious ways of looking at God.

Dawn said...

Very creative post!! Thanks for stopping by / commenting on my blog the other day. Blessings!

Cindy said...

Wonderful and true post. I like to return here for my reality check each week. Thanks for the purpose and I'll plant my feet harder in one spot

Catherine said...

What a wonderful post!! Thank you. It spoke to my heart. (and made me long for a warm summer day at the beach!) Thank you for stopping by my blog, too. I already love FFF, and hope I can join in every week.


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