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“Couples Who Pray Together”—Book review

I know Sharon and Ed do.
I’ve always admired that.
At 4 a.m.

But 4 a.m.? I’d rather work out a different time to pray with my husband.Couples_Who_Pray

So when I saw this title come up free on BookSneeze’s review site, I grabbed it.

Because it’s something I want to be:
Couples Who Pray: The Most Intimate Act between a Man and a Woman.

Jeff and I pray individually but haven’t succeeded in routinely praying together. I was hoping this book would give me some secret weapon to make it happen.

Alas, it didn’t.

But it has motivated me to suggest we try the 40 Day Prayer Challenge.”

The authors suggest you first fill out their prayer questionnaire (perhaps helpful but certainly not necessary). Then commit to praying together for a minimum of five minutes a day.

The bulk of the book though isn’t about the Challenge, but testimonies to answered prayers in others’ marriages. Some famous, some not. But all positive.

The three sections are:

  • Section 1: Major Benefits of Couples Praying Together
    Includes why praying together is marriage’s most intimate act.
  • Section 2: Taking the 40 Day Prayer Challenge
    How you do it and the remarkable power of prayer.
  • Section 3: Factors during your forty days
    Includes chapters on the real enemy of your marriage, forgiveness power, prayer and money, and six steps to a happy marriage.

These steps to prayer are covered in the book and are also listed on their website.


  1. Just start talking to God. A conversation.
  2. Set aside the time, same time, everyday.
  3. Start with an attitude of gratitude.
  4. Confess your shortcomings & ask forgiveness.
  5. Pray out loud.
  6. Keep it short.
  7. Normal language - no thee's and thou's.
  8. Pray for your marriage.
  9. Pray for others and yourself.
  10. Expect God will answer your prayers.

Overall, the book was fine, but I probably should have been praying instead of reading.

Yet perhaps reading about others’ success in praying together will push me forward to see what can happen in my own house. We’ll see...

* * *



petewilliam said...

Very... Nicee... Blog.. I really appreciate it... Thanks..:-)

Dianna said...

Another book to add to my wish list. :-)

Anonymous said...

Helpful review. I just tweeted it!

Cindy said...

LOL should have been praying instead of reading. I have meet only two couples in my life who pray together and for the most part always felt it was an individual thing. I don't know their secret weapon

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