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1000 gifts from Him—the beginning

M_MsI have a reputation (albeit undeserved?).

My brother and sisters say I hoarded my M&M's as a child.

We’d start our packages together. They’d eat until finished. 
But I’d stop halfway, put my leftovers in a drawer, and, as they recall,
pull them out later to flaunt in front of their empty bags.

I remember it differently. Simply.
I ate what I hungered for and saved the rest for later. 
No malice intended.

I am a savorer.

From way back, obviously. Some things I like to take slowly, bit by bit, to fully enjoy. (You’d tired of watching me eat a Cadbury Creme Egg.)

So while part of me wants to start this 1000 gifts list (finally) and not stop until I'm stumped, my goodness, what's the rush?

I'd rather open the gifts slowly.
Savor them.
A few M&M’s at a time.

So I begin...

  # 1....6
~ chapter 3 in Ann's book, M&M’s
~ 70 degrees on the outside thermometer, green leaves in every room
~ orange gardening gloves and blue buckets
gardening gloves

  # 7....14
~ unlimited texting, safety, Advil PM, infinity
~ reading glasses so I don’t have to stop reading...
~ ...inspired writings, Psalm 145, Moleskine journal filling up

  # 15....16
~ a responsible brother
~ a Father of no limitsinfinity

Your gifts are innumerable.
          But if we notice them more in the counting, 
          may we savor the numbering.
Your daughter,

* * *

Do you tear into a packaged gift or unwrap it slowly?

I’m joining the multitudes who are counting to 1000 and beyond.


Dianna said...

YES!! Welcome aboard, Sister! So glad to have you beside me in this journey of numbering! A precious post, Lisa! And, by the way, I love your profile picture on your page!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Lisa. I like it your way too !

Joan Hall said...


I have intended to do this for some time now and your post inspired me to begin my own list. Looking forward to counting my blessings with you and others.


Barbara H. said...

So true -- the savoring is more important than the counting. But sometimes the counting can help us stop and savor.

I love many things on your list, reading glasses being one I use most often these days!

Holly said...

I started toward my thousand last year, in a personal journal. It has really changed me, and how I look at things! What a blessing to have the idea shared with me. I know I'll enjoy watching your list grow!

Amy said...

Oh, I love your story!

Me? I've always been the one to scarf the entire bag in less than a minute. (grin)

But I am learning....

Stephani Cochran said...

So glad you started your list! Thanks for shraing.

Donna said...

Lisa, I enjoyed the creative list format you used in this post.

In joy,

From a kindred savorer!


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